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When I’m just too busy to go in-depth into a web page or news article, I always find myself clicking “command + D” and quickly making it into a bookmark for later reading. However, I’m quite forgetful and seem to always forget to delete the bookmark when I’m done with the article. Other times, I may want to keep the bookmark around for a while to remind myself about a website. In the end, this leaves Safari a bit cluttered. HopIn is a great remedy for those curious minds who always have a great link they want to put aside for later viewing while on iPad.



HopIn is an application that is designed to look and function like a web browser. The app itself is designed with an address bar, forward and back keys, refresh button, and tabs section. The center is reserved solely for viewing a web page. Aspects of the web browser can be shared through gestures. When gestured, a popup with the shareable item appears giving you the option to share on Facebook or Twitter. In landscape mode, profiles section is revealed allowing you to view your recently saved pages along with other options.

HopIn in Action

HopIn in action

As mentioned before, HopIn is very dependent on gestures as a mode of navigation and unlocking features. If you want to share an item, for example a piece of text or an image from this article, or a video from your friend’s Tumblr page, all you have to do is double tap the item to select and reveal sharing options. This further only requires you to slide to share through your previously logged in Twitter and Facebook accounts.

HopIn is meant to be a full web browser, allowing you to surf the web and not only save and share certain aspects, but to also have favorites sites just like on Safari. HopIn is also meant to be a social network, allowing you (when the left side is extended) to view user profiles and public sites they saved. This is a bit like Tumblr, in the sense that items you liked from other Tumblr websites are saved publicly (if you permit) for others to view.

Thoughts on HopIn

Thoughts on HopIn

HopIn is a product that isn’t trying to be novel or even revolutionary. HopIn, despite the use of the word “reinvented” also uses the word “experimental” when explaining HopIn. The browser makes web browsing, an act that in many cases is seen as more personal, a bit more social.

When you view a website you enjoy, you are able to share that item with your followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook, and you’re able to share the sites themselves with fellow HopIn users. However, there are instances where HopIn can be a bit awkward to use, especially with the heavy use of gestures forcing you to ensure that you don’t accidentally share a website.

Ultimately, despite HopIn hoping to be an app that replaces Safari, I think that these minor possibilities of hiccups may steer some users away.

Who Could Use HopIn?

Who Could Use HopIn

If you are a social media maven or an individual who wants to find a way of holding your bookmarks in one area either temporarily or for a long period, HopIn may be of some great use for you. However, for individuals looking for a Safari replacement or even a new hot social network may have to wait a bit longer for HopIn to grow a bit of traction in the social media market.


Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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