Make Review And Make Friends With Ciao

A wise man once said that we are not living in the “information” era anymore. We are living in the “filtering the information” era. We are bombarded by the over bloated information available out there that it becomes annoyingly difficult for us to sort the good from the bad.

That’s why community-based review sites like Digg and become very popular. The logic is simple: the best judge to pick worth knowing information out there is opinion from the mass. Our opinion.

So, if you are the kind of person who loves to share your opinion to the world, maybe this one site can be one of your favorites. It’s called Ciao and it specialize on product review.


Reviews with a twist

Basically, this free service wanted to be one of your references to find product reviews. Everytime you are thinking of buying something, you go here and look for reviews. But Ciao is not your ordinary product review site. It sort of a mix from Digg, Facebook and Adsense. Users are also encouraged to do their product reviews.

After the registration process, you can start reviewing ANY product available out there; from music albums to high tech mouth watering laptops, from books to softwares. Nothing too fancy, a short 100-200 words opinion on something would be fine. (They even accept 10-20 words quick review!) Note: They require you to review the things that you yourself use and not writing fictional review.

To write a review, use the menu My Content –> Write a new review, then use the search box to find product to review. Click the envelope icon to start writing.


As an incentive to encourage people to do this, Ciao will pay user for each positive comment given to the review. They also have somekind of competition to choose the best reviews each month and split US$ 2,000 prize among the winners.

The twist which differs Ciao from other review site is that it also encourages you to invite your friends and also make friends with existing Ciao members – sort of building a friendship network like FaceBook or MySpace.

The future of Ciao

In general, Ciao is a nice place to help people decide about a product based on your own experience, make friends, hone your writing skills and earning some reputation while doing it. If you think Ciao fits you, why not join Ciao as it has just started to grow big under Microsoft (The giant acquired it as of October 15 2008). Just be sure to add me “thurana” – as your friend and give honest-good comments on my reviews. :)

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