5 Apps To Make Photo Collages on your iOS Device

Collages are a really great way to showcase group of photos that showcase a story in a unique way, for example for telling a memory you have. Instead of relying on a single iconic image or an album stuffed with similar photos to symbolize a complex thought or event, try a handful of images in a unique arrangement to deliver the big picture. We have shown you our recommendation of the best collage apps for Android, here are the alternatives for iOS.

1. Diptic

Diptic is a featured app that lets you create professional like photo collages and edit your photos easily from your iPhone or iPad. The app is also integrated with tons of additional features such as text captions, borders, fun backgrounds, image filters and 179 collage layouts etc. Earlier versions of the app only allowed you to share your collages via email. but now you can also share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. The app also supports exporting directly to other apps that support JPEG images, like Instagram, Camera+, Dropbox, and many others.


Diptic is really a great, if not the best app out there to use to make collages directly on your iOS device, and it is only $0.99.


2. Instacollage Pro

InstaCollage Pro is quite versatile and complex, yet the app remains extremely user-friendly. The app features an enormous number of layout options to choose from, and while they’re really long to scroll through, the developers have fortunately grouped them into two categories irregular and popular – divided by a split side-scrolling screen.


The app also features a sorting filter to sort the display according to either recently used layouts or the default layout. InstaCollage Pro also comes with loads of editing options, some beautiful photo borders, photo effects etc. Unfortunately this app doesn’t let you save or assign favorites, otherwise this would definitely been on the top of our list.


But still, the app is free, and we’d recommend a try any time.

3. Pic Collage

Pic Collage Maker is a great little app for making photo collages with the photos present on your iPhone. The app interface is really well laid out, and is easy to use. The app includes a very nice selection of photo editing tools that include the ability to enhance the photo, add effects, crop, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the photo, also remove redeye, whiten, even add meme lines.


We were stunned by how easy Pic Collage made it to make a collage. Once you’ve created one that you like, you can select the size of your page, and then save it to your photo album, email it to your friends and family, or share with them via multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram. You can even include a message with your posted collage. Wow!


The downsides? You can’t print directly from the app, which would have been useful considering that collages are mainly about memories. Yet it is easy enough to save it to your photo album and then print it from there. The app is free on the App Store for a limited time, so be sure to check it out.


4. Frametastic

Frametastic does what the name says: it lets you arrange photos into collage-like frames. Once you’ve installed the app, you can choose from several different compositions, with a minimum of 1 photo and a maximum of 6. The app offers 18 free frames, which are really good. But if you need more options, you can also choose to buy a bonus frames packs for $ 0.99 which includes 27 additional frames.


You can choose from six different themes, which are essentially backgrounds. You can swipe through options, including wood, sports, wedding, beach vacation, museum, and roses. These line the outside of your frames, and depending on your choice, could distract from your photo.


One of the best features of the app is that you can send your created collage as a physical postcard to a dear one. Now that is truly awesome. The app also includes a feature called “video publishing”, which essentially just create a video of your create collage by zooming into each separate photo. Frametastic is free and available on the App Store.


5. Eventiles

Eventiles is a different type of collage-making app. On first launch, it access your Photo Library and creates events based on time and place (“Evening in Lahore”) in the screenshot below. The app does a pretty good job of picking out the best images from a given block of time, and you can easily change the choices by hitting the little pencil icon to enter edit mode: Unchecked images are paler than checked ones, making it easy to quickly work through them.


Once you have selected the photos you want, you can share your images via the usual social mediums (Facebook, Twitter, Email. etc.), along with saving the overview thumbnail to a local album in your Camera Roll, or publishing the slideshow. Eventiles is a good app that we’d recommend you try out for making simple collages of memorable moments.


So there are our top five apps for making awesome collages on  your iOS app? Using any other app apart from the ones listed above? Be sure to tell us about that app(s) in the comments below.

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