How to Make Your Mouse Pointer Bigger in OS X Mavericks

It’s no secret: as we get older our bodies start to change and some things even get worse, such as our eyesight. I’m often guilty of increasing the font on a web page so that I can see better. One thing that often becomes hard to see when you’re browsing the web is the mouse pointer; in some cases it’s definitely smaller than it needs to be, making it hard to find on the screen.

If you’re on a Mac, it’s easy to change the size and make your mouse pointer bigger so that it’s perfect for your eyes. Here’s how to do that.

Make your mouse pointer bigger in mac by browsing to: System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display

1. Open System Preferences (via Spotlight or the Apple menu).

2. Click on Accessibility (or search for it using the search bar).

3. Click on “Display” in the left column (if you’re not there already since it’s the default tab).

4. You should see an option that says “Cursor Size” and a slider.

You can move the slider to the right to make your mouse pointer as big as you’d like; you will see it changing in real-time. Now, no more squinting!

Image Credit: Leo Reynolds

Charnita Fance Charnita Fance

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  1. Nice idea— I’ve already done that BUT BIG PROBLEM (pun intended) = the cursor now OVERLAYS any pop-up words when you hover over a button. These often tell you what the button does. Can’t read! Have to move cursor back and forth. Now the ARROW needs to tilt the OTHER WAY!! From high Rt to low Left.

    If you find another good cursor, please email me the URL.


  2. Thanks a lot. Now have macular degeneration and need to both slow the cursor and make it larger.At 89 I’m glad to have met you Kind Regard Mildred

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