Make the Mac Dock Translucent in OS X Mavericks

If you’ve upgraded to OS X Mavericks, you’ve probably noticed that the dock is less translucent than it was in OS X Mountain Lion. If you prefer that look to the new look, here’s a quick tip that will make the Mac dock translucent in OS X Mavericks.

All you have to do is open Terminal and type in the following command:

Your dock will disappear for a few seconds and reappear up with a new translucent look – so much that you’ll be able to see your wallpaper right through it.

The Mac Dock in OS X Mavericks before and after making it translucent.

To reverse this and get the original dock back, enter this command in Terminal:

As you can see from the above image, it’s not a huge difference, but enough that it’s noticeable. Which look do you prefer?

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