Snippet: How to Make Google Chrome As The Default Browser in Ubuntu

Even though Google Chrome is faster and lesser prone to crash, it is still NOT the default browser in Ubuntu. At least until Ubuntu Lucid, Firefox still reign in Linux arena.

Now, if you have installed Google Chrome and intend to use it as the default browser, won’t it be great if you can set it as the default application for all web links so that your Firefox won’t pop up annoyingly?

In Ubuntu Lucid, you can easily change the default application by going to System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications. Under the “Internet” tab and “Web Browser” section, select “Google Chrome” in the dropdown list.


Close the window. That’s it.

In situations where you can’t find Google Chrome in the dropdown option (and you are sure that you have installed it), choose custom from the dropdown list and enter


in the field.


This should do the trick.

Note: The above method will work for Opera or any other browsers that you want to set as default.

Image credit: Andrey Vorovtsev


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