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Making a data backup is an insurance against hard disk failure, malware attacks, burglary, and natural disasters. While there are many solutions on the market, the best ones support multiple file types, file sizes, drives (including external drives), and backup modes including full, incremental and differential backup.

iBeesoft DBackup makes backing up as effortless as possible with fast, intuitive transfer mechanisms using simple image files. You can achieve data backup for not only your files but also disks, partitions, and an entire operating system.

In this review we will check out the most important features of this backup utility and examine its value as your personal backup strategy.

Installation and Activation

Presently, iBeesoft DBackup supports Windows XP and upwards. With multiple backup capabilities ranging from simple files and folders to an entire operating system, it is truly a versatile tool and does not require any technical skills to yield results. The software installer requires around 250 MB space, 1 GB or greater RAM, and some space in your system to create backup images.

Ibeesoft Installation Step1

While the software is being stored, many drivers will be installed. You will need to select a default location on your PC or an external drive where the personal data can be backed up. iBeesoft DBackup supports compatibility with additional iBeesoft products such as Lost File Recovery and File Erase.

Ibeesoft Folder

After installation, insert the purchased activation code to validate your iBeesoft account.

Ibeesoft License


iBeesoft DBackup is a single-window solution for multiple backup scenarios. Its key selling point is to “maximize data protection” for files, partitions, disks, and the entire operating system. All the features are prominently visible on the dashboard, and you can use the built-in navigation features to perform a variety of backup operations.

Selecting the files and folders in “File Backup” mode is very easy. They are represented in a navigation drop-down, and you can select the folders once for automatic backups in the future. This means that even when anything happens in the future unexpectedly, the computer is ready to restore your files.

Ibeesoft File Backup 1

As shown here, you can browse the folders and subfolders easily to pinpoint your backup requirements. There are three backup modes in the software: full, incremental, and differential. These represent important differences. A full backup inserts everything in the concerned folders to the backup image file. An incremental backup will only update those files and folders which were changed since the last backup. This is useful so that you don’t have to make full backups every time.

Ibeesoft File Path 1

A differential backup only saves the differences in any data since the last backup. For example, if you regularly make changes to a Microsoft Word file, a differential backup is most suitable.

Once the backup is done, you will get a quick system alert. It will be saved as an image file in the destination selected by you previously.

Ibeesoft File Backup Image 1

Another useful feature of iBeesoft DBackup is making a drive backup. This will help clone a specific hard drive or an external USB drive, memory card, or large-capacity drive.

It would have been useful to have a cloud integration feature along with this, especially support for Dropbox, Onedrive, pCloud, and other cloud tools.

Ibeesoft Drive Backup 1

iBeesoft DBackup has a file recovery feature which restores the file status to a specific backup image. If your documents and folders undergo changes, you can still restore your files to a given date. This is purely brilliant. Now you no longer need to worry about file and folder version changes.

Ibeesoft File Recovery
Ibeesoft Dbackup System Backup

Lastly, you can make a system backup which will ensure that the entire operating system is copied and cloned successfully. So if you want to restore both the operating system and data, this is perfect. Although this mode is most time-consuming, you don’t have to worry about making a data backup when switching from an old computer/laptop to a new one.

Advantages of iBeesoft DBackup

iBeesoft DBackup is a truly powerful data backup software. It can support any kind of hard disk: Parallel ATA (IDE) HDD, Serial ATA (SATA) HDD, and SSD. It further supports USB 1.0/2.0/3.0, flash drive. Memory/SD Card, CF Card, and Smart Card. It also supports large storage devices such as RAID or any large-capacity drive.

The software solution looks compliant with GDPR and other codes, as it allows you to review all your backup logs and delete the ones you want to keep confidential.

Ibeesoft Dbackup Logs

Whenever your system crashes, you can use a boot-mode Media, and the system backup will restore it immediately. Also, with an astonishing variety of file systems and file support, you will never go wrong with backup.

Any Disadvantages?

The biggest disadvantage with iBeesoft DBackup is its lack of smooth integration with popular Cloud services. It does have a feature to connect with NAS server.

Ibeesoft Dbackup Cloud 1


iBeesoft DBackup costs around $20 for a lifetime license. For just a dollar extra, you get iBeesoft File Shredder thrown in as extra. This is a comprehensive file erasure tool to permanently delete data from the hard disks and external hard drives.

Our Verdict

We are all aware of the enormous problems we face when data crashes on us. iBeesoft DBackup is a welcome agent that knows how to make backups in any desired configuration. As a fast and secure data backup utility, it is well-placed to provide relief from frequent data changes in any system. As a result, the utility is a must-have for those who work as system administrators, website hosts, and third-party vendors operating the software and solutions on behalf of their clients.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by iBeesoft. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

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