10 Major Improvements in Windows 11 over Windows 10

Featured Major Improvements In Windows11 Over Windows10

Windows 11 is the buzz of the tech world right now. Its elegant user interface and inspiring themes have received plenty of eyeballs. Whether or not you intend to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10, so many changes are in the cards based on the insider previews. These aren’t just typical Microsoft updates but significant new features designed for greater productivity, collaboration, and security. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest improvements you can expect in Windows 11 as a Windows 10 user.

1. Better Organization

The first thing that strikes you about Windows 11 is how fresh, beautiful, and glossy it feels, unlike any previous Windows version. Everything about the fonts and icons generates a classy touch and is easily its number one attraction. A close second would be the level of organization of various apps and taskbar icons. Arranged bang in the middle of the taskbar, they feel more neat and uncluttered. Although you can achieve something similar in Windows 10 as well, this is the real McCoy.

Windows11 Improvements Homescreen

Now you may not prefer the newer layout, so you can always move the icons back to the left like Windows 10. But one thing you can’t argue against is Windows 11’s new snap layout feature, which helps you seamlessly work across a combination of windows of your choice. Imagine typing a Word document and responding to a Microsoft Teams conference call with your colleagues at the same time.

Yes, you can do it in Windows 10 as well, but only Windows 11 maximizes your “entire” screen for this level of multitasking. It also supports multiple virtual desktops and Snap Groups for working with multiple monitors.

Windows11 Improvements Snap Layouts

2. Android Apps Integration

For many years, consumers have been demanding compatibility with Android apps on their Windows devices. Microsoft has finally listened and delivered closer integration with the Android apps acquired from Amazon Appstore. It will be possible now to create and upload a TikTok video directly from your Windows computer. Only time can tell, though, how well this feature will turn out, as it’s currently not available in the Windows 11 preview builds.

3. Start Now Search Box

Going back and forth inside the File Explorer to look for an important file you need can be pretty tiring. While Windows 10 has a search box option, Windows 11 goes a step further by including a dedicated search box from the Start Now button. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

Windows11 Improvements Start Now Search Box

There is going to be additional search customization available in Microsoft Store. Further, Microsoft claims it is trying to address some of the gaps related to search results, such as grey boxes and recent searches remaining blank.

4. More Space to Pin Apps on Taskbar

While Windows 10 lets you easily pin apps on the taskbar, there can be only so much space on the computer screen for the pins. Besides, a cluttered taskbar is a nightmare to work with.

Windows11 Improvements Pin Apps

Windows 11 brings a more powerful way to manage the pinned apps using an enlarged section where you can pin more apps easily and drag them around from the taskbar. What’s more, once that space is used up, you can move the next set of pins to a second page.

5. Tablet Mode Unleashed

For those who crave a touch experience with the apps and icons, Windows 11 tablet mode promises to be the real deal. It also requires you to enable the option to tap buttons in the file explorer. Microsoft claims it is making the touch targets more responsive, immersive and resizable. Of course, to use the tablet mode, your device should have a touch-supporting screen interface.

Windows11 Improvements Tablet Touch Mode

6. One-Touch Collaboration

Another advantage of touch features is the quick response you get from various apps. With the new version of Windows, you can launch Microsoft Teams collaboration from just a single touch (or mouse flick) on the taskbar. Teams and Chat will be now closely integrated within the screen. You can instantly mute or unmute the speakers and start presenting directly from the taskbar itself.

Windows11 Improvements Microsoft Teams

7. DirectX 12 Ultimate Gaming Experience

Gamers rejoice! Microsoft promises to bring the next level of gaming experience with DirectX 12 Ultimate. It has features like real-time ray tracing and mesh shading. The end result is superior graphics and a very high frame rate for an exhilarating, edge-of-the-seat gaming experience. Add Auto HDR support and immersive sounds (both of which will be supported in Windows 11), and you will be poised to take your gaming to the next level.

Windows11 Improvements Directx12 Ultimate

8. Advanced Security

As a general rule, Microsoft provides first priority support to its latest operating systems. While Windows 10 is fully supported until June 2025 and will remain a secure system until then, Windows 11 comes with its own advanced security features. This is partly due to device encryption, virtualization-based security (VBS), UEFI secure boot, and memory integrity forming its very core. This makes Windows 11 devices far more resilient to malware and external attacks than any previous Microsoft operating system.

9. More Widget Options

Not all of us are fans of widgets. They can be annoying, disruptive, and pop up randomly when we don’t want them. That is why Microsoft claims it has brought a new Widgets feature which “slides across your screen like a sheet of glass.” The idea is for it to not disrupt your other in-screen activities.

10. Acrylic Context Menus

This one just came in. Windows 11 may feature an Acrylic context menus feature. The overall look and feel becomes more translucent with rich bold colors. This is just a simple brush design change but has massive potential due to the beautiful rendering of apps and browsers.

Windows11 Improvements Acrylic Context Menus

The official launch of Windows 11 is just a few months away. We have covered some of the unique features and capabilities which makes it stand out from Windows 10. Will your existing Windows 10 device support Windows 11? You can find it using our ultimate compatibility checker guide. Before you upgrade, be sure to have a look at our Windows 11 installation checklist.

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