Maintain Up-To-Date Software In Your PC With SUMo

The following question will most likely structure your need for this application that dares challenge outdated software installed on your computer. Can you compile a quick and detailed list of  ALL outdated software programs residing inside your personal computer?

If you “simply” can’t, then you’re in for some serious trouble. There are reasons why software updates exist, and it isn’t just for showing off some new, cool features. The most important aspect of a software update (sometimes) is that it patches security loopholes that can allow malicious users or programs to take control or harm your computer. Imagine having multiple outdated, hack-prone software programs consistently running on your PC, eerie right?

Software Update Monitor or SUMo in short is a free program for Windows that monitors all installed software inside your computer, providing you with a list of available updates for them, with the aid of just few simple clicks.

Getting Started With SUMo

To get started, download SUMO and install it as any normal Windows application.

Click on SUMo’s icon on the desktop to launch it.


First, click on the “Automatically detect installed software” button to let SUMo scan your computer for already installed applications. Once it has finished, click on the next “Check for updates for your installed software” button to let SUMo connect to the Internet and check for software updates of your previously scanned software list. Click the “Close” button to access SUMo’s main interface.


SUMO will list all installed applications in a simple, multiple columns list. There are 3 icons that show your software’s current status:

  1. Triangular exclamation mark – Extremely outdated software. These ones need to be updated as soon as possible.
  2. Yellow star – Updates available. Not as critical as above.
  3. Green tick mark – These software’s are updated. No problem here.

To get an update for any software, select it from the list and click on the “Get Update” button. You will be taken to SUMo’s web page where you can check how long your software had not been updated (based on the software’s version list). You can find updates for your software from the search function on the page. I hope the next version of SUMo will provide the actual link to a particular software’s update page for easier maintenance and knowledge, which is sadly, is unavailable for this version.

Another very important feature is that you’re able to drag and drop software executables inside SUMo’s interface to find out if there are any updates for it, even before it is installed on your PC! However, this depends on the availability of version information inside the software installer’s properties. Other features of SUMo include the ability to export software updates list to MS Excel spreadsheet / text file, HTTP proxy support and the option to run SUMo at Windows startup.

SUMo is far from perfect but it really eases the process by monitoring and scanning all available software updates for you in one shot. In my opinion, this already makes this software a must have. Try SUMo today and stay updated with the latest software!

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