MacHeist – One Cool Place For Mac Users To Visit


In my recent article about Fresh, I mentioned a a little about a site where Mac users could get several good paid-softwares for free. The site is MacHeist, and I think it deserves a stand alone coverage. So, here it goes.

I know the site from a friend in a mailing list, around the time when MacHeist had the 2008 Christmas bundle. The site started in 2006 with MacHeist I and now has just started with MacHeist III. The story behind MacHeist itself is quite interesting and you can read it in MacHeist’s page in Wikipedia. Anyway, let’s go through the process and see what Mac applications you can get here for free.

1. Signing Up

Upon clicking the “Sign Up” button on the front page of MacHeist, you’ll be asked to fill in a short registration form.


2. Join A Team

You will then arrive at the Dashboard and asked to join a team. If you accept the offer, you’ll get an app called Webbla. There’s a trick though – you have to answer several questions on the “Agent Aptitude Test” before you can download Webbla.


3. The Loot

After finishing the test, you can go to your Loot to find the goodies. You should be able to find four free apps in your Loot – Hyperspaces, Overflow, Fresh, and Webbla.


4. More Free Apps

In order to receive more free apps, you have to finish the “missions” set by MacHeist. Go to the “Briefings” to find instructions on the missions. As the time of this writing, there are 4 missions (Missions 1 and 2, NanoMissions 1 and 2), but two are  already expired (Mission 1 and NanoMission 1).

I assume there will be more missions added in the future as the current one expires. To receive as many free apps as possible, you will complete the mission before it expires. For those who has good attention to detail, you’ll remember that there’s a kind of keypad at the main page for user to put the key combination. Let’s go back there and see.


When you click on the keypad, you will have a board with dots and thin lines. Here is the place to put answers to the missions by connecting dots in specific orders to form  “gestures”. If you answer correctly, you’ll get the prize. MacHeist has a forum where you can discuss the missions and anybody who want to try his/her intelligence should visit the forum.

But not for me. I just tried to guess several gestures, and failed expectedly. Because I’m not really into this kind of puzzle games, I’ll just skip the adventure and Googled for the answer. I found a answer page for mission 2, go directly to the gesture image, tried to put in their solution, and still failed gloriously. Maybe I should read the solution after all… :)

Well, at least I tried. And even though I don’t get the “extras”, there are already 4 free apss in my Loot just for joining. If you are more adventurous than me, maybe you should try to solve the puzzle and share the answer with us using the comment below.

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