Software Roundup: 7 Apps that Help You Get the Most Out of Terminal on Mac


The Terminal lets you perform many tasks using commands on your Mac. You can use it to see all the files in a directory and can even format an entire disk using the Terminal app. For some tasks Terminal has its built-in features, while for others it needs help from other utilities compatible with Terminal on your Mac.

In this week’s roundup we list seven apps from our Software Discovery section that let you get the most out of the Terminal app on your machine. From helping you download YouTube content to letting you share your Terminal sessions, these apps will help you be more productive with Terminal for sure.

1. BashBar


The BashBar application will let you run terminal commands or script using the menubar. If the command script requires sudo, it will be autodetected, and you will be asked to enter an administrator password.

  • Allows you to run commands from the menu bar
  • Can execute scripts as well
  • Supports sudo commands

2. mps-youtube


mps-youtube is a Terminal-based YouTube player and downloader that helps you download your favorite content from YouTube using the Terminal.

  • Search and play audio/video from YouTube
  • Search tracks of albums by album title
  • Search and import YouTube playlists
  • Create and save local playlists
  • Download audio/video
  • Convert to mp3 and other formats (requires ffmpeg or avconv)
  • View video comments
  • Works with Python 3.x
  • Works with Windows, Linux and macOS

3. Tiny Care Terminal


Tiny Care Terminal is a little dashboard that tries to take care of you when you’re using your terminal. It tells you cute, self-care things and tries not to stress you out.

  • Shows the last tweets from @tinycarebot to remind you about taking breaks
  • Configurable options
  • Shows your git commits reminding you that you’ve done a lot
  • Shows weather as well
  • Automatically updates every twenty minutes

4. Termlets


Termlets are Mac OS X applications that bundle up and launch Terminal programs. Termlets are designed to make Terminal software easier to use and available to a wider audience.

All Termlets are easy to install – just drag and drop the application where you want it – no packages, no admin passwords, no developer tools or special libraries required.

  • Easy to install
  • Drag and drop
  • Multiple Termlets

5. Terminal Velocity


Terminal Velocity is a fast, cross-platform note-taking application for the UNIX terminal and is a clone of the OS X app Notational Velocity that runs in a terminal and uses your EDITOR.

  • Create notes
  • Find notes
  • Autocomplete
  • Configuration
  • Syncing
  • Notes details

6. vimv


vimv is a utility to help rename various files all at once using a text editor. This script will open the list of files in a directory in a text editor (by default, vi). Then any changes made in the editor will be reflected in the filesystem. (The files in the directory will be renamed to the names saved in the editor.)

  • List of files in a directory
  • Rename multiple files at once

7. Teleconsole


Teleconsole is a free service to help you share your terminal session with people you trust. Your friends can join via a command line via SSH or via their browser over HTTPS. Use this to ask for help or to connect to your own devices sitting behind NAT.

You can also forward local TCP ports to your friends. Use this feature to allow them access to web applications running on your localhost when you are behind NAT.

It is available for Mac and Linux platforms.

  • Forwarding local TCP ports – to let joining parties access TCP ports on your localhost.
  • Using Secure Sessions – to invite specific people, like Github users or owners of a specific public SSH key
  • Private Proxies – to set up your own proxy servers without having to rely on
  • Free and open source

Many of the tasks that you can only do with a GUI-interface app can now be done using Terminal with the help of above apps. If you find these apps helpful, you may want to check out our Software Discovery section as it contains a number of useful apps like the above. Let us know what you think of our software repository in the comments below.

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