The Mac PDF Processing Bundle

PDFs have always been and will continue to be a great tool for productivity. They allow you to send a document that can be difficult to edit and that includes all necessary information in one easy format and can be read by multiple operating systems. To more easily work with PDFs, you need The Mac PDF Processing Bundle. With these four apps you’ll be able to create PDFs, convert PDFs to a different format, remove passwords from PDFs, and compress formats. If they aren’t already, they’ll soon become your favorite way to share involved information.

The following four apps are included in this bundle.

PDFConverter – With this app you can convert PDFs into editable documents, editing the limitations of PDFs. It will convert native PDF files into nearly any format and will even retain their original layouts. They’ll be converted with advanced character accuracy, and you can even convert up to 200 documents at once with just one click.

  • Convert PDFs to .docx, .pages, .rftd, .ppt, and more
  • Keep the original fonts, images, and formatting after conversion
  • Extract images from PDFs into .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif, and more
  • Convert up to 200 PDF files at once by dragging and dropping into the queue
  • Save the converted documents that duplicate the original
  • Convert encrypted PDFs

PDF Creator – Create your own PDFs to share your documents in the preferred format. They’ll be secure and can be opened on any device and in any operating system. While creating PDFs may not always be easy, this app solves that by allowing you to create them in this preferable format from sixteen other formats.

  • Eliminate concerns of .docx and .rtf documents being edited by converting to PDF
  • Work with more compatible ePub files by creating PDFs that support a mix of graphics, tables, charts, and photos
  • Web HTML and local HTML files can be made into PDFs that can be navigated with page numbers
  • Convert images to the PDF format to take up less space
  • Create a single PDF out of multiple documents
  • Convert up to five files simultaneously


PDFPasswordRemover – Everyone has encountered this problem at some point, of wanting to change the information in a shared PDF, but often the sender has locked it down, or sometimes the sender forgets to remove the password before sending. This app allows you to unlock encrypted PDFs to open, edit, copy, and print them on your own.

  • Remove restrictions and passwords to open and edit PDFs
  • Add up to 200 PDFs to have passwords removed simultaneously
  • A 500-page encrypted PDF can be unlocked within a minute
  • Use brute force decryption when you forget how to access your own PDFs
  • Get permission to print or edit a PDF that has been secured

PDFCompressor – Compress PDFs to save disk space and make file transfers go more quickly with this app. Sometimes PDFs can be too large to send or upload, but you can reduce the size of one or multiple PDFs while still retaining the original format. Set the size and quality of PDFs with advanced resolution and image quality settings.

  • Select between four preset filter modes or set custom sizes
  • Remove unnecessary elements such as embedded “base 14” fonts, metadata, and thumbnails
  • Compress PDFs in three simple steps
  • Compress a 500-page PDF in one minute
  • Use batch compression on up to 200 PDFs simultaneously
  • Email attachments faster, load websites more efficiently, and make PDFs more mobile friendly

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The Mac PDF Processing Bundle

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