[Mac OSX] Remote Control Your iTunes via iChat

Let’s say you have more than one Mac in your house – one is in your living room, meant for entertainment purpose, while another one is in your room, for work-related stuff. Now, from your room’s Mac, you can remote control the iTunes in the living room’s Mac to play the songs you want.

First, activate iChat and enable Bonjour chat on both Macs. (iChat->Preferences->Accounts->Use Bonjour Instant Messaging)


On the Mac running iTunes, go to iChat-> Preferences. Select the Alert tab. Under the ‘Event‘ dropdown box, select ‘Message Received‘. Put a check on the box beside ‘Run AppleScript‘ and select ‘iTunes Remote Control.applescript‘ from the dropdown box.


You have completed the configuration. Now, set up a chat session between the two Macs.

In your room’s Mac, type

status – see what iTunes is currently playing on the other Mac
next – play the next track
previous – play the previous track
mute – mute iTunes
unmute – unmute iTunes
play – start playing song from current playlist
pause – pause the playing