Lumsing Compact 13400mAh Power Bank Review

Lumsing Compact 13400mAh Power Bank - Review and Giveaway

Looking for a powerful power bank that’s fairly lightweight, compact, portable and stylish? Yes, there are many power banks that fit that description, and the Lumsing power bank is another one that can be added to that list.

It comes in three color variations (black, gold, silver) and delivers the fastest possible charge – up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall. It also features intelligent USB output to detect the charging mode needed for your specific device, making it great for all smartphones and tablets alike.

If you’re interested in learning more about this power bank and want to win one for yourself, keep on reading.

What’s Inside the Box


The Lumsing power bank comes with a micro-USB cable, user manual, and the power bank, of course. The included cable is actually longer than the one pictured below (I misplaced the original). As with most power banks, any micro-USB cable will work fine.

Power Bank Usage

Using the Lumsing power bank isĀ self-explanatory: attach the micro-USB cable, and plug it into the device you want to charge. You will need to press the button on the side of the power bank for it to start charging.


Now, I’m not sure if I would call this button a power button since it does more than just start the charging process. You can also press it at any time to see the battery level of the power bank. When you do this up to four blue LED indicators will light up on the front to indicate the power level; four illuminated LEDs means the battery is fully charged, and just one illuminated LED means it’s time to charge it up.


This button can also be pressed for three seconds to turn on a white LED flashlight on the top of the power bank (next to the ports). To turn it off you simply hold the button down for another three seconds. As you can see, this button is multi-functional, and is does more than just power the device on.


Power Bank Performance

There are two output ports, so you can charge up to two devices at once. I’ve only tested it with one device, and I’m happy with the Lumsing’s performance thus far.


For testing, I let the battery on my phone get down to twenty-five percent before connecting the power bank. Leaving the phone on, it took about ninety-five minutes for it to fully charge to one-hundred percent. I only lost one LED indicator during the process. So, I can probably get four (or just about four) full charges out of the power bank with my smartphone.

On the other hand, my tablet, which has a 8220mAh battery, will only get one full charge. Plus, it takes significantly longer to fully charge – around seven hours. The power bank itself can take up to eight hours for a full charge. Although I haven’t had to fully charge it yet, this seems like a decent time considering it does have a large 13400mAh capacity battery.

Final Thoughts

The Lumsing power bank is compact, portable and offers great functionality. The only negative thing I could find with it is the fact that you can’t charge your device and the power bank at the same time.

If you have both plugged in, your mobile device will stop charging, and the charging of the power bank takes precedence. So, you just need to be sure it’s fully charged before taking it out with you. Other than this, it’s a great little power bank to have around.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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