Are You Loyal to One Browser or Are You Constantly Switching?


One of the most essential apps in all of our arsenals, whether we do our computing on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop, is the browser. They all work similarly, but there are different features that some employ to differentiate them from the others. Are you loyal to one browser or do you constantly switch between them?

The first browser we all became familiar with was Internet Explorer (some would say was Netscape). It was basic back then but did what we needed it to do: browse the Internet. Soon other choices were being offered up such as Firefox and Google Chrome, and once I.E. stopped supporting Macintosh, Apple came out with its own – Safari. Even Microsoft seems to want to leave I.E. in the dust with its new Edge browser.

And now there are so many more browsers than just those mentioned, and one isn’t necessarily better than the rest. They just all have different features that are better or worse for your browsing and other Internet needs. Many have Google’s search engine built in; some do not. Some work better on certain types of systems. Some are great on mobile, and some are better on desktops. For that reason, sometimes people use more than just one browser, and sometimes they switch up their allegiance.

How do you handle your browsing? Do you just use one browser only and pay no attention to the others, or do you keep a few different browsers at your disposal for doing assorted tasks? Are you one of those who switch to a new browser every time a new one that promises to be better shows up in the app Store?

Are you loyal to one browser or are you constantly switching?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. I’ve been using Firefox since it was known as Phoenix. I am not about to switch any time soon. At one time I was considering moving over to Opera but it became a Chrome knock-off.

  2. I have also been using Firefox when it was still Phoenix (v 0.5 to be exact, on my trusty Windows 98 AMD Athlon PC). But through the years I found it flaky at times so I used Opera mainly from version 5 up to 11. Then it went to crap and I switched to Chrome. And that went to crap.

    Now I am back to Opera since the new version (v 37) is better than Chrome. I also use Firefox and Palemoon when I want to use a different engine. I have MS Edge but I rarely use it. Rounding out my desktop, I have Chrome installed but I don’t use it often. I have Vivaldi but only to see what new features it has. And I have OffByOne because why not?

    Usage-wise I use Opera 70% of the time, Firefox 15%, Chrome 10%, and the rest is 5%.

  3. I like a lot of other people try out other browsers but so far one thing all of them have in common is at first they act all super fast but after about an hour they all become very laggy and take forever to load a webpage. Facebook is the worse culprit that after time takes an eternity to completely load. And no matter how many times I clean the browser and clear my temp files and run CCleaner they all remain laggy after about an hour of use. I have even tried the Chrome knockoffs too like Vivaldi, and Chromodo. Torch and even Tor And even the Maxthon cloud browser with the same results. My Internet speed is 200 MB’s so it isn’t because of lack of Internet speed. So if I can find a browser that will import all my Chrome extensions and bookmarks and saved passwords and run fast for the duration, I’d download and use that browser like right now

  4. Let’s see; here are the browsers in my QuickLaunch toolbar in Win10; PaleMoon (a fork of FireFox), Chrome, Internet Exploder, Edge, Safari, and Vivaldi (a new browser from the author of Opera). Some work better than others for specific purposes, and it’s handy being able to tie each browser to a different set of accounts.

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