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If you’ve ever come across some out-of-place Latin text on the Internet, odds are good it was some variety of Lorem Ipsum text. The original comes from an ancient text by Cicero, but if Roman philosophers don’t fit the tone of your project, don’t worry — you have many options. Lorem Ipsum generators are fairly easy to create, so whether you’re looking for something relatively professional and serious (Wikipedia articles, legalese, code) or something more lighthearted (zombies, pirates, Rick and Morty), there’s probably something out there for you.

Generally useful

Lorem Ipsum

You don’t want to or aren’t allowed to rock the boat, so you’re going with good old Lorem Ipsum Original Flavor. BlindTextGenerator lets you choose from several different text chunks and languages and customize the output.

Lorem Ipsum Generators Blindtextgenerator

If you want something with fewer options and a more visual interface, is pretty sleek.

Lorem Ipsum Lipsum Pro

Informative Ipsums

Who says Lorem Ipsum has to be gibberish? Wikipsum and Boom Online both offer generators that give you several paragraphs of topical information, with Wikipsum choosing randomly and Boom Online allowing you to generate the text based on a keyword. It’s still better than some blogs.

Lorem Ipsum Boom

Code Ipsums

If you’re going for a techy feel, consider using JS Ipsum. It does not produces actual code, but its output might briefly pass for badly-written technical documentation.

Lorem Ipsum Js

Lit Ipsum

Informative filler text is fun, but what if you’re going for a classy vibe? Lit Ipsum lets you choose passages from several classic works of literature, from Sherlock Holmes to Dracula. All the books are in the public domain (so they’re totally legal to use), and the language is old/dense enough that it’s unlikely to be mistaken for actual content.

Lorem Ipsum Lit

Legal Ipsum

Whether or not it’s legally binding is questionable, but Legal Ipsum is perfect filler text for the “Terms and Conditions” section of any site. Anyone scanning it quickly could easily mistake it for actual legalese – it’s pretty convincing.

Lorem Ipsum Legal

Topical, yet acceptable

Food Ipsum

There are seriously a million food-based Lorem Ipsum generators. Here are just a few:

Lorem Ipsum Veggie
Lorem Ipsum Bacon
Lorem Ipsum Cupcake
Lorem Ipsum Coffee
Lorem Ipsum Cheeseburger
Lorem Ipsum Ramen

Sagan Ipsum

Looking to inspire a general sense of wonder and scientific curiosity while you write more prosaic content for your site? More importantly, do you need to fill up some … space? This trove of mixed-up Carl Sagan quotes might be just what you need.

Lorem Ipsum Sagan


Sometimes you just need to pivot, crowdsource, and create a new paradigm by driving higher conversion rates with your sales funnel. This tool gives you a surprisingly non-sarcastic list of startup buzzwords and even lets you choose other themes – like food, fashion, travel, and Hodor. Okay, the Hodor one might not make all your clients happy, but some of them will love it.

Lorem Ipsum Startupsum


Placehodler can spew out so much confusing cryptocurrency enthusiasm that it’s surprising it’s not already a major Twitter personality. Perfect for enraging people who know about crypto and confusing for those who don’t.

Lorem Ipsum Placehodler


Ever feel like Latin is a bit too staid and dull for your site? Try using a Maori-language folktale instead!

Lorem Ipsum Pahu

Robot Ipsum

How many of these words did Robot Ipsum make up? I’m not sure, but I am pretty sure they’re secret code for “Death by robot is imminent.”

Lorem Ipsum Robot

Entertaining, but less professional

Zombie Ipsum

As you can see, our website is 70% BRAAAAAAINS. Zombie Ipsum is recommended for your darker projects.

Lorem Ipsum Zombie


Latin Lorem ipsum is like soooo 15th-century. If you’re not riding a fixie and sipping single-origin cold brew, you’re not cool enough for this generator.

Lorem Ipsum Hipster

DeLorean Ipsum

Marty! You’ve got to come back with me! Back to the future, where Lorem Ipsum text is entirely composed of 1980s time-travel movie quotes!

Lorem Ipsum Delorean

Office Ipsum

Did you go freelance and are harboring a lot of resentment toward your old corporate overlords? Are you simultaneously annoyed by your demanding clients? Do you sometimes need boring Lorem Ipsum text for your stodgier projects? Office Ipsum lets you generate sarcastic office jargon, annoying client feedback, and normal Lorem Ipsum. If you actually use this on a site, the site owner either needs a good sense of humor or no ability to recognize sarcasm whatsoever.

Lorem Ipsum Office Ipsum

Batman Ipsum

Batman ipsum is the Lorem ipsum we deserve but not the one we need right now. Because we’re working on a project where our client specifically told us that we shouldn’t use weird Lorem Ipsum text because of what happened last time.

Lorem Ipsum Batman

Lorem Ricksum

The Internet’s schwiftiest Lorem Ipsum generator” is chock-full of classic quotes from the beloved Rick and Morty cartoon. If you haven’t watched the show, let’s just say it’s massively NSFW, and putting pretty much any single line of this text into production wouldn’t be good for your job security. And yes, it took quite a few refreshes to come across something clean enough for the above screenshot.

Lorem Ipsum Pickle Rick


Looking for random nerdy TV and movie quotes to fill your text fields with? Sounds like a job for the fine folks at Fillerama, who provide a finely curated selection of memorable quotes from classic tales such as Futurama, Arrested Development, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Lorem Ipsum Fillerama

Is there a Lorem Ipsum for everything?

Scientists estimate that roughly 80 percent of the topics in the universe have either inspired a Lorem Ipsum generator or are directly related to an existing tool. This number is unacceptably low, so if you can’t find a Lorem Ipsum generator that meets your needs, it’s your duty to create it.

On a more serious note, before you use generated text on one of your projects, you should probably skim over it first to make sure there’s nothing in there that might end up offending someone using whatever you’re making.

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