1. Awesome. I can finally have just one browser open. The cookiepie add on looks really cool

  2. Thats great, another nice shared solution from Mr.Damien, I was wondering if there was such a tool, thanks mate!!! I’ve tried it and it works awesome!

  3. The ability to do this is built into the Stainless browser for Mac. Stainless was originally a tech demo, designed to use one process per tab a la Chrome. But it has been developed into a very simple, darn fine browser. And you won’t believe how small the download is: 557 KB! Talk about lightweight!

  4. Firefox extension works great on keeping multiple Twitter accounts open at same time. Thank you!

  5. This doesnt works for firefox 3.5

  6. In IE8, going to file, then new session works fine and am thankful I found your helpful website, but with the previous of IE there was a one time fix and that was all it took…now anytime you want to open two different accounts on the same website it is extra steps. I have 2 ebay accounts, one I sell garage style items, stuff laying around the house and the second ebay account I sell brand new items and I also buy items too, but I need both accounts open at the same time so I can manage them by answering bidders questions, sending invoices for sold items and also my own bidding on items I am wanting to buy, so it is crucial I have both accounts opened simultaneously when I am logged into ebay. Do you think there will be a one time “fix” like the previous IE or will I have to keep going to file, then click on new session everytime? Again, thank you for your help with ‘on how to do the opening up of two accounts on the same website’ I was pulling my hair out and was not liking IE8 at all until I found this website! Linda

  7. There is a little known web browser for the Mac that also has built-in functionality that uses parallel sessions, thus allowing a user to log in to multiple accounts on the same web site:


  8. Thanks for the recommendation. It looks good. I will try it out.

  9. i could find a solution in google chrome also. Select the right top 'spanner' icon and select 'new incognito window'. in this window, i could open an other account of gmail and facebook. its very nice… enjoy..

  10. does any solution for IE 7 browser?

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