How To Login Multiple Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook Accounts in Firefox

If you use multiple accounts for Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook, chances are you have to log out of one account before you can log in to another.

There are many workarounds for this problem, and the simplest one is to use two different browsers for each profile. This method is great if you don’t mind working with separate browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

However, if you want to use Firefox exclusively and still be able to switch between user accounts, you can use Multifox – an addon that allows you to create separate profiles for your accounts so you can access them in different windows using only Firefox as your browser.

Multifox requires no restart after installation, so you can use it right away. Upon installing the addon, you will notice the Multifox icon on the top right corner of the browser.

Click on this and you should get a drop-down menu as shown below:


On the same window, open the Web account of your choice (Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook). I used Twitter in the example below.


Once logged in, this becomes your Default profile. You can then go to the Multifox drop-down menu and click on “New” to open another account on a new window.

In the second window, log on to a second account. You will notice the number 2 beside the Multifox icon. This means that you now have a second profile for the web service you are currently using. You can also see that Profile 2 is highlighted on the drop-down, indicating that this is a second user account.


From here, you can keep creating new profiles by clicking on “New” from the drop-down menu. When you have all profiles set up, you can toggle back and forth by choosing them from the menu. Note that the “New” button opens a new window for each profile, not tabs. If you want to open four Gmail accounts, you’ll need to open four windows from the Multifox menu.

To help keep track of your profiles, you can go to the “Edit” section of the menu and rename your profiles accordingly.


You can also choose “Delete” if you want to remove the profiles instead of renaming them. Click on the profile name first, then hit “Delete”.

It is important to note that this addon only works when you open a new window using the Multifox drop-down menu. It also preserves profiles in each window and restores it even after you’ve closed or quit Firefox. As long as you open a new window or click on any of the profiles in the drop-down menu, it automatically logs you on to that account.

Multifox is great for multitasking and managing multiple accounts in the most straightforward way possible. It’s also user-friendly, as there are no settings to tweak, and takes a short time to learn. It may take some getting used to at first, but the functionality you get is worth the effort. If you want a fast way to see all your accounts in one go, this add-on will do the job.

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