1. I logged out. Now I can't log in again!
    I have a LG Eve (the Italian version dubbed “Link Me”) i.e. Android Firmware 1.5
    Please could you help me solving this big problem? Thanks.

  2. I have only done it on firmware 1.6 and above. You can try to setup your Google account again from the Settings menu

  3. it clear off your whole phone data, contacts and so on = =
    and even clear off previous phone setting..
    those whom use this steps must be alert..

    • Very discouraging….I followed the instructions to a T 2x and were not signed out…….on my LG Android. Im now learning how many others having the same problem…..

  4. i m not getting clear data option in google application, there is only option for clear catch, and by clicking on it i m not able to log out from gmail,please suggest…………

  5. i tried hard to sign out from gmail on my new Samsung Galaxy Apollo mobile and finally i got solution…..If any body found difficulty they can try this………cilck on Email ->menu ->Accounts -> it will shows the accounts which you had added earlier..long press on the email account which you want to sign out , then a pop up box will appears , scroll down and click on Remove Account…..that’s it removes your account…..

    hope this will helps

    Thanks & Regards

  6. i think i found the solution…go to setting->app>all> N CLICK ON TALK n clear the data n cache…after that come to homescreen..now if u log in gtalk it says invalid username n pass..so what u do…click on marketplace..it will automatically ask for gmail passsword..type the password…thats it

  7. And if any above options doesnt work…reset to factory settings … it will be signed..And u wont lost data in in memory card…

  8. but above all solutions not help for LG gt540 optimus mobile phone. i want to sign in my old Gmail ID after reset my mobile is it possible plz plz plz help me out this problem…………thx

    • Once you have log out of Google, you can log in to your old Gmail account
      after restarting your phone. Are you able to log out of Google in the first

  9. In android 2.2, I did the following.
    You can sign out in samsung galaxy s using the following method.
    tap on the gmail icon>menu>accounts>menu>account settings
    In the manage accounts, click the account which you want to sign out.
    Click Remove account in the pop up again press remove account and you are done.
    Hope it helps!!!!!

    • It will delete your contact in the phone. If you have sync them with your existing google account, they will still be available in the cloud.

  10. Thank!!  Menomale che ci sei tu. E’ da stamattina che cercavo di cambiare il mio account su Google plus nel mio GS2

  11. But For Galaxy S it was not working .the msg is informing that it could be by factory setup only

    • ya its showing the same in my Galaxy too….!! what to do now…??? do u have the solution….??

  12. one big reason to exit gmail is privacy. if someone  uses/borrows for a moment my phone or tablet they have access to my  gmail. not good.

  13. Finally if nothing works, log into google from your PC and change its password. {This method can also work from your android browser but I am trying to avoid confusion}

    • Do a complete backup of your phone to your pc. If something goes wrong. You won’t lose your data.

  14. What is going to happen is that Gmail is going to force me to create another account which wont be never used by me and then I will use another mail client which lwt me to logout from my real gmail account.

    • ooh does works if we change the password..? coz even I’m passing through the same problem. should i change my password to logout from my Samsung galaxy.. 

  15. kindly inform me how to sign out from gmail and gtalk. i want to download videos from youtube how did i do in my samsung galaxy Y

  16. This worked on my Galaxy.

    Go to Settings > Accounts & sync > Tap the account you to remove > At the next view, click settings(3 grey blocks) > Choose Remove account

    • There is no need to remove account. Download apps protector from the android market and choose the applications installed in your phone which you want to protect. Give a password to it. Whenever you try to open the application, you are asked to enter the pwd. Its awesome!!

  17. Damien hello and thanks for all this. But I seriously need your help here. My main gmail account is open in an gmail apps which is on a honeycomb asus tablet. That tablet is a demo tablet in a mainstream electronic shop downtown copenhagen. I need to get it logged out as any visitors passing by can get my entire life and possibly even hack my main gmail account.

    • The only way you can do it with Gingerbread and later version of Android is to remove the Google account associated with the phone. To do that, you can go to your Settings -> Account and Sync and remove your Google account.

      The phone is still functional even without setting up a Google account, so you still can use it as a demo tablet. Just that the Play store won’t work.

  18.  My main gmail account is open in an gmail apps which is on a honeycomb asus tablet not an a gingerbread smartphone. There is no known way to log out at this time. Do you know one ?

    • As I mentioned earlier, removing the Google account associated with the phone is equivalent to logging out of your Google account.

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