How to Log into iCloud from Different Devices

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Following something of a bumpy initial launch, iCloud has proven itself to be a formidable entry in the cloud space. From backing up contacts to photos to file storage, it’s a catch-all for Apple device users. Before you start using iCloud for your cloud needs, it’s important to log in on each of your devices. See below for all of the steps to log into iCloud on various devices.

Log in to iCloud on Your Mac

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When using iCloud on your Mac, it’s important to start by making sure you are on the latest version of macOS. To do that, go to the Apple menu at the top left of the screen (the Apple logo), then “About This Mac -> Software Update.” If there is an update available, go ahead and complete the update before attempting to log in to iCloud.

How To Login Icloud Macos Login

When you are updated, go back to the “Apple Menu -> System Preferences.” When that menu appears, locate “Apple ID” which will be available at the top right of the System Preferences screen. Click on it and enter your Apple ID login.

After you enter the login, your iCloud will turn on automatically and begin to sync on your Mac. This will include everything from Mail, Safari bookmarks, contacts, calendar, iCloud Drive, Keychain and more. You can also go through this screen and check/uncheck anything you don’t want backing up to iCloud.

Log in to iCloud on Your Windows PC

How To Login Icloud Windows Login

Similar to the Mac, setting up iCloud on a Windows PC only takes a few steps. Instead of checking for an update like you did on the Mac, begin by downloading iCloud for Windows 10. You can find it available here; non-Windows 10 users can go to Once the file is downloaded, go ahead and open and install the file just as you would any other Windows application.

How To Login Icloud Windows Setup

After the file is installed, open and sign in using the Apple ID that you regularly use on your iOS or other Apple devices. Similar to the Mac, once you log in, you will have options to sync various iCloud services, like iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Contacts and Calendars, as well as bookmarks with Internet Explorer/Edge. Once you have selected everything you want to sync, click on “Apple” at the bottom of the screen so that your changes take effect.

Log in to iCloud on Your iOS Device

How To Login Icloud Ios Software Update

Just as you would on a Mac, start by making sure your iOS or iPadOS device (iPhone or iPad) is using the latest OS version. To do that, go to “Settings -> General -> Software Update.” If an update is available, go ahead and install that update before logging in to iCloud. It’s important to note that the steps below are only available if you did not log in to iCloud when you first set up your iPhone or iPad.

How To Login Icloud Ios Setup

Start by going to Settings and signing in with your Apple ID. iCloud will automatically turn on and begin to sync. To check what is syncing, head to “Settings -> [your name] -> iCloud” and look over what is checked. Anything that is currently syncing will be indicated with a green mark. Applications like Photos, Contacts, Calendars and other third-party apps will likely be syncing. You can activate or deactivate any of these on iCloud by turning off the box to the right of the application name.

Log in to iCloud on the Web

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If there is ever a time you want to check in on iCloud while away from your devices, you can easily do so through This is a good way to see important data in apps like Notes, Reminders or Mail. Additionally, you can use Find iPhone in the event one of your Apple devices is lost or stolen.

To log in, head to and enter your iCloud email address and password. To verify your account, Apple will generally send a one-time passcode to one of your saved devices for the iCloud account. After entering that one-time password, you are brought to a screen with a bunch of available iCloud-enabled apps. You will not see third-party applications but will see Apple’s primary default apps for iCloud sync. You can use these just as you would any app on your iOS, Windows or macOS device.

Lastly, you can also log in to iCloud from your Android device. Here’s how.

Wrapping Up

iCloud has made using and moving to new Apple devices incredibly easy. Where you once had to physically transfer data from device to device, now everything is done in the cloud. With iCloud available on multiple platforms, it’s easy to back up and find your data whenever you need it. That it’s also available through means you can log in anywhere in the world. As iCloud and iCloud Drive continue to compete with the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive, chances are it’s only going to get better with time.

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