Use Hi App Lock to Lock Android Apps For Better Privacy

Privacy is a big concern with me. I think about all the information going through my phone on a daily basis and it freaks me out. For this reason, I like to lock certain apps over and above the normal Android security options. App Lock (Hi App Lock) allows you to lock Android apps and provide some added security for your phone.

Locking Individual Android Apps

A good example of an app to add additional security to would be your email or Facebook app. Both of these will potentially give someone A LOT of personal information about you. Once downloaded and installed to your Android device, you will need to start it with a simple tap of the icon. You will need to make a master PIN to unlock Hi App Lock in the future.


The next screen will ask you to start choosing apps and basic functions to individually lock. Some of the basic functions are: messaging, incoming calls and the Google Play Store.


Lock an app by toggling the switch to the right of the name of the app or function.


When you lock an app, you will need to enter your master PIN to unlock it each and every time.


Using Hi App Lock

I took some time in trying out this app to see how secure it is. There are actually some really nice features to aid in the everyday person not having access to any apps you’d like to keep private. A lot of parents I know let their younger kids play games on their phone but want to bar them from accessing their email or Google Play Store for example. Hi App Lock is a great option.

Other Settings

One thing apps like this usually have is an icon in the notification bar. While this notification is helpful to let you know the app is running, it tells the would-be snoop exactly what app you are using to block the apps. Hi App Lock offers a couple of ways to hide itself from view. Some of the features are what you could consider self preservation features. What I mean by that is, they help the app stay on the phone and make it more secure to use.

Something I haven’t seen as a feature on all apps like this one is the option to set it as an app administrator. This may seem a bit scary but what it means is, Hi App Lock will be able to prevent the uninstallation of itself. What’s the point of a security app if someone can just uninstall it and access your info?

Another cool self preservation feature is Hi App Lock can be hidden from the “Running Apps” list. This means if the person snooping knows enough to try and Force Quit the app, it will not be an option in the list and therefore cannot be killed simply.


Purchasing the premium version will add more features to disguise Hi App Lock and give you even more security. One nice addition is being able to have different passwords for different apps. There is a feature letting you start Hi App Lock based on the time of day or which Wi-Fi network you are on.



The reasons to lock individual apps for better privacy can vary from person to person. Whatever your reason is, there is a need to have your apps secure. When you want to keep your privacy, the best option is an app made for the purpose, not one that just has securing features.

Do you think someone might be going through your phone? How do you lock your individual apps for better privacy? Let us know in the comment section below.

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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