Have You Ever Used Location-Tracking to Find a Device?


Location-tracking is a great feature on smartphones and other mobile devices, allowing you to be able to find your device should it be lost or stolen. Have you ever used location-tracking to find one of your devices?

It’s an easy thing to ignore, thinking you’ll probably never need it, and some people prefer to leave it turned off, as they themselves feel like they’re being tracked. In addition, for it to work, you can’t wipe your phone immediately when it turns up missing, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to find it. But it can come in handy.

I have it on my iPhone with the Find My iPhone app. When I lost my phone in a hospital recently, I was able to turn on the app on my iPad and could see the phone moving around the hospital. I knew it was still there and that either it had been stolen or picked up by a hospital worker. I alerted security and they were able to find my phone for me. Without it, I wouldn’t have known if it was even still in the building or even if I had indeed lost it there.

Location-tracking can come in handy, but it does carry its risks such as not being able to wipe the phone as well as your personal being becoming more easily located. Regardless, you can’t deny the need for it.

Have you ever used location-tracking to find a device?

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