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There are thousands upon thousands of apps available for Android devices on Google Play. Many of them are awesome, and some are truly amazing, but the vast majority really aren’t worth the time of day. This is what makes an app like Best Android Apps sound appealing. It’s an app that helps you find which Android software is actually worth your time.

What Best Android Apps Does

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Best Android Apps is provided by AndroidTapp, a blog dedicated to Android updates and reviews. Best Android Apps pitches itself as a beautiful and curated app guide that conveniently sifts through the hordes of available software so that you don’t have to. When the app first opens, it presents information in a manner most of us are already accustomed to seeing on blogs. Upon closer inspection, though, you may start to feel that a blog is all this app really is. It takes the information available from AndroidTapp and repackages it into a mobile-friendly format. That said, it does add some functionality that the website does not offer.

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Best Android Apps does make it easier to discover new content. The content is divided into categories such as “Trending,” “Best of Best,” “Editor’s Choice,” etc. These categories can all be accessed by tapping on the title bar, which will smoothly present a menu on the left side of the screen in a way similar to how Google’s own apps function. By default, all content is visible. These individual categories help to filter the results down into those that most interest you.

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Much of the information lumps apps into groups, such as “5 Best To Do Lists Android Apps” and “8 Best Microsoft Office Android Apps.” Content can also displayed in the form of reviews and general advice. Some posts simply present news, alerting you to the fact that a new app has just released that may be worth your time or a popular app has just received a substantial update. Each page can be favorited so that you can return to it easily later. Pages can also be shared with other apps by hitting the share button in the top right corner of a page.

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Best Android Apps also supports notifications. Users can set notifications to arrive daily, saving them the effort of manually checking to see what new content is available.

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Best Android Apps does not try to replace Google Play. The app still sends you straight to the Play Store, where you can install and rate apps the way you typically would. That said, there are still reasons to pass on this app and peruse the Play Store on your own. Best Android Apps is essentially a blog in app form, so it offers little that can’t be acquired elsewhere. It is also ad-supported, which admittedly isn’t a problem for most people, but that’s a battery drain that I don’t accept on my devices.

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I wouldn’t install Best Android Apps to run for my personal use, but I can still see others who would benefit from the service it delivers. It provides an accessible place where people who don’t keep up with tech blogs can still discover what the best software available is. Google Play’s highlighted content showcases select new apps, and its various categories point out the top selling and most downloaded software, but it can overlook some real gems. Best Android Apps isn’t guaranteed to keep you aware of what the best software really is, but it’s a handy resource for those who don’t want to follow Android trends manually.

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