How to Listen to YouTube Without the Video on Android

There is one serious problem with the native YouTube app for Android. It doesn’t allow you to play the video in the background. There are many times where I just want to “listen” to the video and surf the web concurrently. However, when you switch to another app (from Youtube) or received an incoming notification, the video stopped playing. The question is, how can I listen to YouTube without the video on Android, and make it run in the background?

uListen is probably the app you need. uListen is an Android app that only allows you to “listen” to YouTube video, and yes, it can play the music in the background.

When you run uListen for the first time, you will see a blank screen. It doesn’t show you any recommendation or playlist. You have to do a search for the songs/videos you want.


Once you found the song you want, just tap on it and it will start playing in the background.


When you slide up the music controller from the bottom of the screen, you can set the current playing song to run in a loop (“Repeat” mode). You can also add it to Favorite for easy retrieval. There is a video icon where you can tap to launch the video in the YouTube app.


It even shows a controller in the notification screen so you can stop/play the music anywhere.


The default searching mode in uListen is “videos”, which means it will only search for videos. You can set it to playlists if you want to search for playlists instead of videos.


Overall, uListen is a nifty app that get the work done. Don’t expect beautiful interface though.