Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle

Do you know just enough about Linux to get you by but want to know so much more? Want to be an expert rather than just a novice user? You need the Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle. You can buy just one of the included courses or all four of them to become a true master and can do so at a price of your choosing. If the price you name beats the average price of that course, you’ll unlock even more and will get the entire bundle. If your chosen price beats the leader’s price, you’ll earn a giveaway entry and will be featured on the Leaderboard!

This bundle, a $1,180 value, includes the following four courses.

Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript. – Start learning more about programming by taking a deeper look at JavaScript, the world’s most popular computer language. A $295 value.

  • Six lectures and three hours of content
  • Create programs to show output messages and prompt for input
  • Store information by using variables
  • Build decision-making programs
  • Write programs that will repeat an operations sequence

Linux V7 Essentials – Get introduced to one of the most popular operating systems and be prepared to take the Certified System Administrator exam given by Red Hat. A $295 value.

  • Twenty-nine lectures and seven hours of content
  • Examine the fundamentals of Linux and Linux installation
  • Make use of the basic to advanced file system
  • Work with users as well as groups and program the bash shell
  • Use the vi editor and other text processing tools such as awk and sed
  • Find things, processes, and network applications


Linux L7 System Administration – Learn the necessary skills to find employment as a Red Hat Linux System administrator and learn to troubleshoot as well in this hands-on course. A $295 value.

  • Twenty-four lectures and six hours of content
  • Use Linux V7 with a non-standard disk portioning scheme
  • Add new disk partitions, then format and mount/unmount them
  • Execute package management with rpm and yum
  • Learn PAM and remote authentication, Red Hat Linux networking, and the X Windows system
  • Along with Linux V7 Essentials, be prepared to take the Certified System Administration exam
  • Describe and implement quotas
  • Work with Linux processes and explain the Linux kernel

Fundamentals of Operating Systems – Gain an understanding of the basics of all computers, including laptops as well as smartphones, and get a companion textbook as well. A $295 value.

  • Seventeen lectures and six hours of content
  • Learn the objectives and structure of all operating systems in use
  • Examine the differences and similarities of operating systems
  • Discover how functions of operating systems work together
  • Take a look at the cause of crashes and errors of many operating systems
  • Choose the operating sysystems that fit unique situations

Get just one of these courses or all four at a price of your choosing.

Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle

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  1. does this include lifetime access?

    1. Yes, each of the four courses includes lifetime access.

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