Linspeed – Easily Measure Your Internet Speed in Ubuntu

You probably have signed up for a 1Gbps broadband with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but how do you know that the Internet connection that you are using is really running at the advertised speed? In most cases, you will be surprised to know that the real speed is often much slower than the advertised speed. Linspeed is a simple tool for Ubuntu that allows you to measure the actual speed of your Internet connection.

Linspeed is a simple open-source GUI tool to measure your Internet connection speed on your Desktop. It uses the API to test the download/upload speed and doesn’t take up any resource in your system.

Note: The website only listed download pacakges for Ubuntu, but it should work in any Ubuntu/Debian-based distro as well. For YUM-based distro, you can use alien to convert the .deb file to .rpm.

1. Download the deb file from Linspeed’s Sourceforge site. You can download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version, depending on your system architecture.

2. Install the Linspeed.deb file in your Ubuntu machine. In most cases, double-clicking the .deb file will bring up the Ubuntu Software Center, which you can then use to install the app.

3. Once installed, open the application.


4. All you have to do is press the “Begin Test” button. It will then proceed to run the download and upload test.


Once the test is completed, the download and upload speed will show up in the window.

That’s it. You probably won’t be checking your Internet speed frequently, but when you need to, this simple tool will come in handy.

Image credit: High Speed Internet


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