If You Were Limited to One Mobile App, What Would It Be?

It’s true. There’s an app for everything. And since everyone uses their mobile devices differently, we wanted to know from our writers at Make Tech Easier, if they were limited to just one mobile app, what it would be.

Our writers chimed in with a split between productivity apps and social networking apps, although none of them chose the same app.

On the productivity side, I do all my work on a mobile. The one app that took me months to find, Split Pea, is an app that allows me to have a browser and note-taking app side by side allowing me to research and write at the same time. While I could do this without a special app if I had a newer iPad, this allows me to have this type of access on an older iPad.

Attila is also calling out a productivity app to help with writing. Mazec3 keyboard that comes with the 7notes app is “super-efficient in handwriting recognition.” Attila uses “different note-taking apps, but almost always writes cursive.”

While it could be looked at as a social app as well, Mahesh counts on Gmail as the one app he wouldn’t want to do without. “It helps me read, send, and forward emails and allows me to get most of my work things done.”

On the social networking side, it seems everyone has a favorite social app. Christopher prefers Steam mobile. acknowledging that if it was the only app he had, it would “keep me in contact with most of my friends.” With similar reasoning, Himanshu would choose WhatsApp as that’s where he can find all of his contacts.

Vamsi is the only one who is choosing a utility app. “For me it’s ES File Explorer. I just cannot imagine living without a good file explorer.”

What about you? What one mobile app would you use if you were limited to just one? Do you have another question for our writers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. If you assume the normal set of “apps” without which a phone would be useless without is: calling, texting, camera/photos, calendar, maps – if that’s the bare minimum – the one app I use the most is REDDIT (Rsync)! :)

  2. Facebook would be mine, as that is how my family tends to keep in touch.

  3. I’m an old man of 75. All I really need is maybe the lowest gas price near me. Gas Buddy does that. But don’t take my Laptop away from me where I do serious stuff. I use my smart phone for a phone mainly. My Tablet I have to remember now and then, mostly then….to recharge it. Both the smart phone and tablet have all the usual and unusual apps.

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