Leawo Blu-ray Copy Review

Blu-ray copy software has become quite popular nowadays, since more people are looking to back up their Blu-ray movie collection to avoid physical disc problems, such as disc damage, scratches, loss etc. Others also look to use copy software to make digital backups of their collection,\ to share with their friends, relatives etc.

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There is a lot of Blu-ray copy software out there, and all of them have different features, support different levels of video qualities etc. The top software in the market includes Leawo Blu-ray Copy. Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a professional Blu-ray ripping and converting utility that lets you decrypt, rip and convert DVDs as well as Blu-ray movies to video.


The main feature of this Blu-ray copy software is that it lets you remove various protections such as AACS, BD+, MKB and CSS protected Blu-ray/DVD disks. This lets you make Blu-ray/DVD disks region-free. Another nice feature is that Leawo regularly updates its app to include the latest utilities to remove the latest disc protections. The tool can also copy full 3D Blu-ray movies, which is a handy feature too.

The interface is pretty straight-forward. Once you’ve installed the app and entered your serial number, you’ll get a plain, yet elegant, interface similar to the one below:


Simply select your movie from your Blu-ray/DVD disc drive:


Once you’ve selected your movie, you can simply select your output folder:


You can also choose various copy modes while ripping your Blu-Ray disc/DVD, including Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode.


Another feature of this utility that I like in particular, is that it lets you copy one DVD/Blu-Ray movie from one disc to another, meaning you can easily create DVD/Blu-ray copies to give to friends and family if you’re into that sort of thing:

That’s mainly it. Once you’ve specified everything, simply click on “Start”, and the app will start ripping your DVD/Blu-Ray disc.



Leawo Blu-ray Copy has a bunch of great features and a simple, yet powerful, interface which is useful when you just want a digital copy of your Blu-ray/DVD movie on your computer. There are better choices out there if you’re looking for more custom features, but for a more expensive price. Enjoy the software/download while it lasts.

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Shujaa Imran

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