Leave A Comment Anywhere On The Web

Everyone has an opinion, whether they’d like their opinions to be viewed or not is up to them; however a majority like their voice to be acknowledged and this is what iComment is for.

With this browser app compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can leave a comment on any page of the web you’d like and it can be viewed by anyone. iComment turns any page on the web into a discussion board or chat.

What is iComment?

The real use of iComment comes in when you arrive at a site that doesn’t have a built-in commenting system and you wish to leave a comment, this app allows you to create your own commenting system on that site and post a comment virtually anywhere. Your comments can be viewed by anyone if you choose to make them public. If they are private, then only other iComment users can view them.


How Do I Use this Tool?

You have to first download iComment, then choose a username and enter your email address so that you can be notified of following pertaining comments by other users.


As soon as you’ve downloaded and installed iComment, you can begin to leave all sorts of opinions on the webpage of your choice. The iComment button is located on the top right hand corner of your browser window.


You can also access the options menu by clicking the arrow pointing down next to the icon.


Comments are instantly displayed as small icons on the right hand side of the webpage. Every comment is associated with a specific element on the sites page; therefore you have to choose the text fragment or image that you are commenting about. For example, if you select an image to leave your opinion on, when your comment is viewed the image will be highlighted so that you’re able to relate the image with the comment.

By right-clicking on the picture you want and select the “Add Picture iComment” from the menu, you will be able to enter your text comment into the editor. The comment should instantly appear on the right side of the picture.


This is how the comment looks on the webpage with a reply:



iComment is an app that works with both Firefox and Internet Explorer and doesn’t require you to register with any site. Leave your opinions on any page of the web with the use of a simple button and revise them at a later time. Once you leave a comment you can choose to have follow-up replies sent to your iComment account or your email address. In my opinion iComment is a great tool that allows you to share your comments and thoughts anywhere on the web, this is your freedom of speech exercised on the web.

You turn next. What your comments?