Become the Designer You Always Wanted to Be with the Learn to Design Bundle

Have you always dreamed of designing websites and apps? It doesn’t have to be an elusive dream. You can have that exciting career that you always wanted.

It will be easy to pick up the skills you need with the Learn to Design Bundle. Through nine courses and 486 lessons in all, you’ll learn to use HTML and CSS to build responsive websites. You’ll also learn about designing in Photoshop, how to quickly build a demo, and about building both web pages and apps cost effectively and efficiently. Perhaps best of all, you’ll gain the skills to start freelancing in mobile app design.

Included in this bundle are the following nine courses:


Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: Learn UX//UI from Scratch – Learn how to build responsive websites that will look good no matter what device they’re viewed on, a $199 value.

Master Web Design in Photoshop – Become a pro at designing for the web with Adobe Photoshop to create designs that both work and look stunning, a $199 value.

Mobile App Design: Learn UX/UI and Start Freelancing Career – Make money building mobile apps after learning UX/UI and taking your skills to the next level, a $199 value.

Creating a Responsive Web Design – Continue leaning all about building responsive websites from configuring a site’s HTML content to stylizing its layout using CSS, a $150 value.

Web Design: HTML & CSS for Rookies More lessons in HTML and CSS with step-by-step tutorials, a $147 value.


Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs – Build a Demo in 2 Hours – Create a working demo quickly without any coding with rapid prototyping principles, a $97 value.

Bootstrap UI Development for Everyone – Learn how to use this potent responsive framework tool, a cost-effective, efficient tool for building both web pages and apps, an $80 value.

Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4 Hours – Quickly structure and stylize a website with Photoshop, a $79 value.

Mobile First & Responsive Web Design: Build Modern Websites! – Learn to master the use of fluid grids and add responsive features like carousels, a $59 value.

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Learn to Design 2016 Bundle

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