Become a Master Programmer in 2018 with the Learn to Code Bundle


Learning to code can seem like an impossibly daunting task, but thanks to a number of great resources that have been put online, teaching yourself to code has never been easier. If you want to pick up a great new career as a developer, the Learn to Code 2018 Bundle will give you a great start.

There are ten courses offered in this bundle. You can choose just one of these ten courses and offer to pay a price that suits you. If the price you name beats the average price of that course, you’ll unlock even more and will get the entire bundle of ten courses. If your chosen price beats the leader’s price, you will earn an entry into a giveaway and will also be featured on the Leaderboard!

Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps

This course will lead you down a path of understanding that may well result in an income boost or positive career change. It’s a one-stop shop covering everything you need to start creating Python web applications that engage visitors and provide them with value. Starting with the basics of Python, you’ll move onto how the Internet works before creating your first complete web apps in Python.

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App: iOS 11 and Swift 4


Ever wanted to make an iPhone app? Everybody has an app idea, but not everyone has the know-how to do it. Put yourself into the group that can with this beginner’s course on coding for the newest iOS release, iOS 11. You’ll explore all the new features of iOS 11 while developing foundational coding skills that will help you start coding for every subsequent release as well.

JavaScript for Beginners

JavaScript for Beginners is your one-stop course to enter into the language of JavaScript. You’ll start from scratch and add to your understanding of the world’s most popular programming language. With whiteboard videos you get to visualize what JavaScript does under the hood. You won’t become a master overnight, but this is a great foundation.

The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course

This course is designed as a logical, step-by-step course to learning PHP MySQL. You’ll accelerate slowly from easy to complex modules as you build increasingly difficult projects. The fundamentals, building blocks, and advanced concepts of PHP are all covered in detail that is easy to understand for beginners and a great refresher for more intermediate programmers.

Learn React by Building Real Projects


In this course you’ll work on a must-have project for your portfolio. A real estate app is such an important project for a developer to build because it incorporates so many skills. You’ll start by learning how React works before going on to build each component for filtering listings.

Programming for Complete Beginners in C#

Want to program? Start fast by learning to write C# code. This course is a no-brainer for complete beginners. If you can type, install a program using a Wizard, open the File Explorer, and you’re ready to begin. C# is an outstanding place to begin, and in this course you’ll learn the programming language and its syntax through clear instruction and detailed videos and will write a lot of code.

The Complete Java 9 Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and demand for programmers is anything but scarce. With Java skills, you’ll always have a job, and companies all over the world will be coming to you. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about Java in order to build high-end, efficient, and scalable Java applications.

Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node


This single course is the ultimate web developer bootcamp. You can learn both front-end and back-end development all in one place. Through this course you’ll go from absolute beginner to competent full stack web developer in a matter of weeks. Thinking about getting into coding? This will give you a great start.

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

You may have heard that Angular developers are in demand these days, and there’s no better place to learn Angular quickly than this course. In just ten hours you can learn all the essential Angular concepts. Essentially, you can dedicate a single weekend, and by the end of the course, you’ll be ready to hit the job market with flying colors.

Introduction to R Programming

It seems like everything these days is driven by data, and statisticians and analysts across industries need to handle this data efficiently and tactfully. That’s where R comes in, a powerful programming language that helps developers solve even the most complex data problems. Data scientists are in constant demand, and this extensive course will give you your first taste of R, enabling you to make statistical inferences and run programs that solve important data problems and turn heads.

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