LeapDoc: Easily Push Documents to Your iOS Device

Technology is moving at a pretty quick clip these days, so much so that it can be hard to keep up with. Now that transferring documents wirelessly has become desirable, applications and operating systems are figuring out new ways to do this. The newest application to aid in this process is LeapDoc.

What LeapDoc does is pretty smart and useful. It allows you to convert your document on-the-fly and instantly push them to your iOS devices. LeapDoc works with a pair of coordinating apps on your Windows or Mac computer and your iOS-enabled device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

After downloading the app on your device, head to LeapDoc on your computer and initiate the free download by either clicking on “Download for Mac” or “Download for Windows”.

Once the download of the Windows/Mac version isn initiated, it opens up the “Setup Wizard” which guides you through the process of getting the app installed on your computer. It will ask where you would like the app to be installed before it finishes.


With LeapDoc installed, it needs to be able to pair it up to your device. It does it similarly to the way bluetooth pairs items together. It checks your Internet connection, and as long as it’s working correctly, you’ll be asked to set the Device ID.


If you open LeapDoc on your device, it will have the word “ID” in the upper right corner. Clicking on this will give you the device code that you need to plug into the appropriate spaces on the setup of the LeapDoc app on your computer. Doing so will have the two LeapDoc apps now paired up.

Finishing a document, select “Print” in whatever app you’re working in, in my case Pages. From this dialog box you will see “PDF” in the lower left corner. If you click that, it gives you several options of what to do with the .PDF, such as save, mail, open in Preview, etc. Also included in this sub-menu is “LeapDoc.”


This opens up the LeapDoc application and sends a .pdf of your document to your device. When it’s complete, your device will show a push notification letting you know that it’s been received.


Opening up the LeapDoc app on your device, if you click on the word “Download” in the lower left corner, it updates the listing of the PDF files you have uploaded through LeapDoc.


Scroll through the listing to find the file that you are looking for. Clicking on it will open the .PDF for you to view. If you open up the Options menu you can email it or open in or appropriate apps, such as iBooks, Evernote, or a printer.


LeapDoc works with the file formats .PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, iWork, JPG, PNG, and GIF. However, it opens it up as large as possible for viewing purposes, so working with pictures, while it works, should only be used limitedly, as it stretches them out to 8-1/2 x 11 and loses their quality. Regardless, it can be a useful way to transfer your documents for viewing purposes from one place to the next.

The LeapDoc device app can be downloaded from iTunes, and the Windows or Mac app can be downloaded from the LeapDoc website. The iOS download is $4.99. The Windows or Mac download is free.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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