Latest Windows 10 Update Problems and How to Fix Them

You’d think that someone at Microsoft HQ would’ve made it an explicit resolution to get 2020 off to a get start when it comes to Windows 10 updates. Clearly someone didn’t get the memo, as the year has started off with a major update bug, as well as lingering issues from previous updates.

Thankfully, there are workarounds or outright fixes to many of these, so we’ve decided to keep a monthly feed of the biggest problems blighting the Windows 10 update process, and how to fix them.

On the bright side, Bleeping Computer reported on 9 January that drivers pending approval will no longer be released concurrently with Windows 10 updates. As misbehaving drivers are thought to be the cause behind many faulty Windows 10 updates, this will hopefully decreased the number of update problems in 2020. Here’s hoping…

File Explorer Broken by November Update (v1909)

The good folks at Windows Latest have gathered together numerous user reports complaining that the November 2019 update has caused myriad problems with the all-important File Explorer. Reports range from broken search boxes, to the File Explorer crashing and other malfunctioning core features.

While those in the Windows Insider program have already received fixes for these issues, regular Windows 10 users may have to wait until the February update as Windows Insider employee Brandon LeBlanc tweeted that these are not “pressing problems”.

So it looks like it’s a waiting game with this one. Alternatively, you can scroll down for our advice on how to roll back a Windows 10 update, undoing the problem until Microsoft fixes it.

[FIXED] Antiviruses Blocking Updates Windows 10 Versions 1903 and 1909

Since time immemorial, antivirus software has been well known to interfere in unpredictable ways with games, other software, and Windows updates. Some thing seemingly never change, and it’s recently been discovered that users of older versions of the Avast and AVG antivirus software may have problems updating to Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909. As in, the antivirus software outright blocks the Windows update!

Luckily, the solution to this one isn’t complicated. Just update your antivirus software to the latest version, then update Windows 10.

KB4524147 Update: Start Menu, Cortana, Edge Problems Continue

Just about a month ago, Microsoft released the cumulative KB4524147 update for Windows 10. What was meant to be a minor assortment of improvements and security updates ended up borking crucial system features like the Start menu, Search, Cortana and Edge.

Since then, Microsoft released the KB4522355 update to fix these problems, but they haven’t been fixed for everyone. At the time of writing, many users are reporting issues with the above features and there’s no official fix in sight.

Windows 10 Update Problems System Restore

In the meantime, you can work around this issue by performing a system restore to some point before you installed the update. To do this go to “Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> System Protection tab -> System Restore”, then follow the instructions.

KB4505903 Update: Bluetooth Speaker Problems

Microsoft has been forcing users to upgrade to the v1903 Windows 10 update, even though it continues to cause problems.

The cumulative update released on July 26 has caused some serious problems for users with internal PC speakers. Users have reported Bluetooth speakers either not connecting to your PC or emitting poor sound quality. Alternatively, even if you connect a Bluetooth speaker, the sound continues coming through the internal speakers instead.

There’s no proper fix for this yet, but there is a workaround.

Open a command prompt, then enter the following command:

How to Fix and Avoid Broken Windows 10 Updates

Check Your Windows 10 Build

Before looking into rolling back and fixing broken Windows 10 updates, you need to check which build of Windows you’re currently on, which will confirm which issues are affecting you. To do this, just go to “Settings -> Update & Security -> View update history.”

In the new window click the arrow next to “Feature Updates” to see the version of Windows that you’re currently using, and click “Quality Updates” to see all the smaller “KB” updates you have installed.


Block and Defer Windows 10 Updates

The first thing you can do to avoid getting the above update problems and more is to take over the control when your Windows 10 updates. This way you can hold off getting updates the moment Microsoft rolls them out, monitor the news for a bit to see if any major errors crop up, then manually do the update yourself.

Recently, Windows Insiders revealed that an update is coming to Windows 10 (around April 2019) which will allow all Windows users (including Home users) to pause updates by up to seven days. In the meantime, if you’re on Windows 10 Pro, enterprise, Education or S, you can postpone updates by going to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update. Here, select the option ‘Choose when updates are installed’ and pick the number of days you’d like to delay it by.

There’s another way to take control of Windows 10 updates – depending on whether you have the Home or Pro version of the OS – and we have a guide that takes you through disabling and scheduling Windows 10 updates.

How to Roll Back Windows 10 Updates

After every major update Windows 10 gives you a ten-day window to roll back to a previous version of Windows. It’s a useful feature and should give you enough time to judge whether you have a problematic update. Of course, this won’t recover your files if Windows 10 deletes them, but at least you’ll be on a more stable version of the OS.


To do this, go to Windows 10 Settings, then click “Update & security -> Recovery.” Below “Reset this PC” you should see the option to “go back to the previous version of Windows 10.” Click “Get started,” then follow the steps to roll back Windows 10. Again, this option is only available for ten days after a Windows 10 build update.


Few things on PC are more frustrating than an update – ostensibly to improve performance – borking your system, but unfortunately Microsoft has form in this respect. It’s worth saying that the majority of users go through these updates without issue, but the majority isn’t enough when the consequences for the few can be so severe. Stay tuned here for the latest Windows 10 update issues and leave a comment if you have new update problems to report – help may be at hand.

This post was last updated in January 2020.

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  1. I need help my desktop pc and my laptop crash I can’t reboot my pc and laptop I had win10 OS and I have i3 and i7 Intel. I need help after I update few days. It crash my pc I won’t load. This is the worst Microsoft update I’ve ever encountered. I learn my lesson and start buying Mac.

  2. Since my latest update, my word subscription is apparently now only a trial and I noticed that Netflix would pixelate & not play movies well, but all other devices in the house did not have that problem. I wish I found this article before so I could undo the update, but now my computer will not even turn on!!! Any suggestions??

    1. Take battery out or wait to drain and try againg or unlpug for 15 mins if its not a laptop
      then try to turn it on again

      1. Windows updated this morning and now I can’t open it. The password window won’t come up and I can’t get into my laptop to find out what’s wrong. Just stuck at my screensaver. Any suggestions please?

        1. “Any suggestions please?”
          Quit banging your head against a wall and witch to an O/S that does not bork your PC with each and every update.

          1. That should be “SWITCH to an O/S”. Damned keyboard!

  3. Windows 10 has done a lot of updates the last couple of weeks. As of Tonight explorer has started crashing as soon as its opened, any program that opens explorer from within also crashes soon as explorer opens. Pinnacle studio 22 crashes randomly, audacity wont open at all and the computer takes about 10 minutes to boot up. All was working fine a couple of weeks ago. I have a gen 8 i5, 8 GB ram, msi 1060 4gb video card.

    Is anyone hase having these sort of problems?

  4. This weeks update has caused by pc not to open. Best I get is a blue screen with cHoices
    Continue, use a device (?) troubleshoot and this only goes back to the updates.. or close.
    Troubleshooting says error. What can I do to get it open. One option could be to factory reset I suppose

  5. Computer worked perfect until the Feature update. Finally decided to factory re-set…everything fine until Windows updates. I want all updates to stop..uninstall and just use Windows defender!! How can I do that? The feature update has no uninstall link!

  6. Microsoft is doomed, desperately trying to refloat a sinking ship. For me, and many others, it was Chrome that suffered. First, the update didn’t install and I had to wipe my PC… weeks of work lost and hastily put together. Second update round went fine, except for Chrome and all Chrome based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi) which cannot resolve any DNS and perpetually hang. Writting from Firefox now, which doesn’t have the extensions I need. Microsoft, go eat a …. whatever your head is made of, that’s bad enough. Is this joke of acompany going to reinburse me for my lost time? We need more competition in this industry, pronto.

    1. For me all my browsers will not connect withut turning off the firewall but windows will just turn it back on all by its self. The system for allowing app through the firewall i useless also. Truly an awful system made as hard as possible to use so they can have people say they are windows professionals and have a job while they have made things like TinyWall which makes the firewall simple to use and able to allow apps through the firewall with as little as 2 clicks of the mouse now incompatble with win10

    2. I could not agree more that the new Windows 10 update is absolutely horrible!! I work as a medical transcriptionist and after the update the sound quality was so terrible that I had to leave more and more blanks in my work. There is also another program that I work in aside from the one that my company uses, and after the update that program would constantly lock up. Also my computer runs so slow! The only way to get Microsoft to do anything is hit them where it hurts, the pockets! I do not know how to go about it, but I wish someone would start some kind of lawsuit against them!!

  7. I lost all my files then blue screen. Took to Microsoft to get fixed. They are uncertain if I will get files back. I’m so frustrated I can’t see straight.

    1. Damn that’s sad man. I been on version 1607 for a long time now. I never want any of these stupid updates but the only reason why i decide to try an update is because sometimes when i rename a file or delete and stuff sometime the UI reloads, this does not usually cause me to lose things i’m working on but it is shitty in that you never know when it will randomly blank out and reload…Taken some updates and I’m still on 1607 but now they telling me they downloading feature update 1803 and i am very much concerned because i’m worrying if this thing might erase my personal files. I don’t have anything to backup my files, if it delete my files i’ll be completely pissed

  8. I am a software developer .. we have a product the uses the MS Data Report control, and when that control is called into action on a WIN10 1809 platform, the system raises an error and returns to the desktop. Previous versions do not do this.

  9. April 10, 2019 Update started when I turned my computer on and when I sign in it continues the updates but never finishes to let me access my computer to roll back the updates ?

  10. April 9, windows run during the shutdown, fine. this morning, I boot my PC windows update continue his duty with his message ” Getting windows ready don’t turn off your computer” and stuck there since. 7 hours in a row and still waiting. it’s a bit long for an update…. what can I do?

  11. I have an issue with my network on my computer, i can browse any webpage and visit any site without the issue of my network connection…but as soon as i log into any video game, my latency spikes and i get kicked withing a matter of minutes. I have had this computer for over a year and have been gaming on it for the same amount of time, it is not my internet provider, they just came out yesterday and everything checked out fine. i am leaning towards something having to do with my computer but i dont know what it is or how to fix it. if anyone else has had this issue please help…i do not want to have to buy a new computer or completely erase everything on my computer if i dont have to. Thank you in advance

  12. I have an issue regarding login through different users using remote access. Previously it was working fine after this update it is allowing only one user to work either remotely login or local system login.

  13. I was automatically updated on 5/15 or early 5/16 2019. I lost my normal desktop presentation and could not retrieve my lost files using the search for files options. I had to go to update history and uninstall that last update. (dated 5/15/2019). Now I am back to normal. I am now afraid to update anything. Very Scary

  14. I lost all my photos to this update as well as some programs. Can’t install anything because now I must have administrators rights on my own computer and following all instructions, I can’t get them. So new printer can’t be installed, new programs, old programs, thousands of photos gone, can’t restore to previous version because I was away longer than ten days after auto update and didn’t know it was updated. And Microsoft has no responsibility for this? Unbelievable!

  15. I have found the best way to beat this, fornaome its not an option but Im not destroying a 2000$ gaming computer because of Windows. I don’t have it connected to the internet. Anything I need from online I transfer from my older Windows 7 laptop that still runs without error. Microsoft just doesnt want to admit that 10 is useless Virus garbage. They should allow everyone the choice of going back to a stable 7 until ALL bugs and issues are fixed permanently. I can say without doubt that I will not buy another Microsoft run machine.

  16. WHY do users continue putting up with this crap from M$??? People moan and groan and keep cursing Microsoft but keep on using their applications. If all those dissatisfied users bit the bullet and switched to OS/X, Linux or BSD, it would hit MS in the only place they care about and that is their bottom line. As long there in significant decrease in MS’s revenue stream, they will continue to put out crap.

    For those who lament that “We need MS products”, you may need then for a little while but if enough users leave MS, other software writers will recognize the potential market and create software for it.

    Windows users unite, you have nothing to lose but your crappy O/S updates.

    1. People stick with Windows even though they complain because it runs the applications they use. Installing Linux scares many and those who tried it probably either got frustrated with the installation and setup, or they discovered they couldn’t find suitable replacement apps for the ones they ran on Windows. Its why I always read Linux lovers brag about the OS but hardly ever on the apps. In reality the apps define what OS you run, and people care less about the OS just as long as those apps work.

      1. Horse feathers!
        The vast majority of “problems” that Windows users have with Linux, are nothing more than straw men, set up by Steve Ballmer and perpetuated ever since. The main problem, as far as Windows users see it, is that Linux does not look, feel or act like Windows. Why should it?! It is an entirely different O/S from Windows, just like OS/X.

        Bottom line is that since Make Tech Easier started publishing, I haven’t seen an article about “how to fix the latest Linux update problems”. But after every Windows update, there is an article on “how to fix latest Windows update problems”.

      2. There are endless issues and there always has been going back to DOS. 1903 borked my DVD drive. The BIOS and the OS still see it but won’t read from a disc so somehow it’s affecting the BIOS. This is a ten year old rig and 1903 was still able to bork it. No lights on my keyboard, it shows only a blur before it loads my wallpaper so it’s corrupting my video card driver in some fashion. I’ve a thousand backups so I’m now using 1809. If you don’t want the thing nagging you to update just boot it up with a non bootable USB drive in it somewhere….in my case it just stops it from doing anything to do with 1903. You will have to update 1809 manually but it’s better than 1903.

        1. Start using floppy drive, working perfectly.

  17. So Windows to Microsoft is a legacy OS, they will slowly replace it with something much lighter as they refer to as Modern OS. I suspect that will be like a Chrome OS device where Microsoft specifies certain hardware and specs so updates just work. The problem with Windows today is too many configurations to properly test updates and upgrades. It was easier to work through these issues when you did not get a upgrade every six months. I think for many consumers Windows is overkill anyway, many just use a web browser and a handful of applications at the most. Some of these are even web accessible now from any browser. Chrome OS isn’t fast because of Linux, its fast because all it runs is a web browser. That’s probably a bit too simplistic for Chrome OS today because Android apps, and Linux terminal now are added. But even that doesn’t make Chrome OS a heavy OS like Windows. Besides it has predictable spec’d hardware so updates work flawlessly. We can only hope Microsoft follows a similar path because it will make devices more stable.

    1. “People stick with Windows even though they complain because it runs the applications they use”
      That is a red herring which Window Fans drag out to justify their use of MS products. As you say “many just use a web browser and a handful of applications at the most”. For that they can use any O/S, Chrome, Linux, Android, IOS, etc, etc, etc.

      “Installing Linux scares many”
      I’ll grant you that many are scared of the word “Linux” thanks to the FUD spread by tech writers, pundits and “experts” that to use Linux, the user must be fluent in command line. I wonder how many users have actually done a bare metal install of Windows? Talk about scary! Bare metal installation of any of the 20 most popular Linux distros is much simpler than a bare metal installation of Windows. For one, when installing Linux there are no repeated re-boots.

      “those who tried it probably either got frustrated with the installation and setup,”
      Are you perhaps generalizing based on your experience?

      “they will slowly replace it with something much lighter as they refer to as Modern OS. I suspect that will be like a Chrome OS device”
      That sounds very much like another Microsoft to regain their PC monopoly.
      MS will probably go SaaS for all their products. No more sales, only rental (subscription). Which still will not guarantee that the quality of the updates/upgrades will improve. As long as people keep using their software in large numbers, MS will see no reason to change their SOP.

      “The problem with Windows today is too many configurations to properly test updates and upgrades.”
      Linux has the same problem with too many configurations. Linux also has hundreds of versions making for many more permutations than Windows has to deal with. And yet Linux does not have the same history of crappy updates and upgrades as Microsoft.

      “It was easier to work through these issues when you did not get a upgrade every six months.”
      You did not get an upgrade every six months but you had upgrade Tuesdays.
      “Rolling” distros release updates/upgrades whenever they become ready, sometimes 3-4 times a week.

      “We can only hope Microsoft follows a similar path because it will make devices more stable.”
      It is not the devices that need to be more stable, it is the software updates/upgrades that need to be more stable. How come the devices that are unstable running MS products, are quite stable running Linux or BSD?

  18. I am on Windows 10 and back in early April 2019, I went to open a folder on my Gmail and found all documents that I had saved were gone! I then opened up some more and the same thing. What happened to all my messages, pictures, etc that I had in my olders! I have documents that can never be replaced gone and so much more. I never had any of these problems with Windows 7 or 8. In fact, I never had any problems with those versions. My daughter is a teacher and she still has V7.0 and will not change….I don’t blame her. I doubt whether I’ll ever see these again. The interesting thing is that what I have been putting in my folders since there, has remained. Too bad Microsoft can’t be sued for all of the problems that they have created.

  19. Just straight junk the May 2019, and it’s a damn lie that you can roll back to a previous version. It’s an option and says it can’t do it after 5 minutes of waiting. I reformatted my computer 10 times in 3 days, and even though I told the system to wait 364 (Pro Version) days before doing the May 2019 Service Pack. it would do the upgrade no matter what I told it. Lesson learned with the c*ap that Microsoft takes over your computer and will leave without a stable computer and sans your data and software. I am paranoid of Microsoft, so I backup religiously with Novabackup 19.3, Acronis True Image 2019, Norton Backup and IDrive, both to the cloud and my local drives. I will never take Microsoft as face value, as they are out to screw you as bad as possible, “Their motto is the Customer is always wrong, we know what is best your computer.” Thank gosh I found a German company that helped through Dantes Inferno (May’s update), I use OOSU10 and lock down my privacy and anything that MS would like to do to my computer without my permission. I have a copy of Dell’s Windows 7 Ultimate and will downgrade as soon as I can get it to work with NVME drivers.

    1. James Kirk, you are so right. Against my wishes and even though I had a technician tell the computer not to allow Windows Updates, it did it anyway. Three days of trying everything later, I have no Internet, Wifi, Registry messed up. I have spent hundreds of $ trying to fix it but nothing works. I was told to buy an external hard drive and try to salvage what I can.

  20. I need a help my PC had a seven pausing update,and I restarted it but it can’t display any thing on screen ,the screen is white only ,tell me the process I can use in order to using it again, thx

  21. thats why im keeping windows 7 ❤ (and a good antivirus including anti spyware/ramsomware)
    at least it doesnt gave me headaches like win10 did….

    1. Following your lead I’m reinstalling Win 7. I’ll simply unhook it from the internet before booting and just use it for games. 1903 is awful.

  22. My new windows update wont open startup and also wi fi search for new hotspots.???? Need to fix

  23. Immediately after the update, a box appeared your “computer has problems and needs to shut down”, repeated each time i rebooted and i had to wind back to the previous version.
    Now i don’t want to try the update, can’t see it will be any different.

  24. Me too. Pc is very stuck after last update, keeps shutting itself down with the blue screen.. can’t do the recovery since the computer is too stuck to get to the settings.. annoying!

  25. Hi,
    I am not sure about the right update version, but it stopped at 82% with that blue screen and sad emoticon. After it restarts itself, there is the windows logo at boot, then a black screen with rotating dots remain forever.
    None of the recovery options have worked of course, why would they… (system restore points, boot fix, auto recovery, various safe modes, whatever). I don’t want the hassle of re-installation.
    Please give me some hints. Thanks!

  26. Some more comments: Nvidia graphics card, no USB disks, only one USB: logitech nano for keyboard/mouse, GRUB2 for OS selection in MBR of another disk, shouldn’t affect.

  27. The update killed my backup hard disk with virgin Win10, too. But fortunately, it could recover itself. Strangely, the resolution changed and it stayed there for a while at recovery. Could it be a graphics driver issue?

  28. Yesterday, I was a happy camper watching YouTube on my sell laptop, overnight windows updated itself. At times, here are the issues:
    1. I can’t login even though the password is correct, it takes a few tries….

    2. Once logged in, files explorer is gone – cannot launch it even manually, it just does not exist – many other tools are gone – network settings are gone – message pops that bad token is referenced….
    First error is – “desktop not accessible. Access is denied


    I can launch msconfig, but from the nothing works, “run” only launches msconfig and I can access the task mgr. Windows buttons don’t work, icons don’t work, network is gone, sound is gone,



    Who is going to undo the carnage caused by MS stupidity!?!??!?

    I am just venting, because I know that no one will give a shit about it….

    But for those who have not done the latest update,- DONT

  29. “Go back to earlier build” isn’t available after recent update!

    Any other options?

  30. Latest update keeps causing a BSOD – “Stop code: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED”. Have to boot in Safe Mode and go to the last Restore Point. Once it shuts down, it goes through the update and then can’t reboot.

    Still trying to figure out what is the actual cause.

  31. 7/22/19, and 1809 still hasn’t been offered to my “semi-annual, 180 days”. No update on the website to download, either. Shortened to 120 days, nothing. Changed it to “targeted” and the 1809 is available. I’m really wondering if I should stay on 1803 as long as possible.

  32. KB4507435 downloads every day and then requests restart. At which point it is unable to complete the update and un dose changes. It tries this two sometimes three times in a loop and then allows the computer to restart. This happens every day like ground hog day. I have run the trouble shooter no luck. I have stopped bits and windows update and deleted the software distribution folder and then turned bits and windows update back on and no luck. Any ideas other than a re install?

  33. I’m having the same problem as Ryan. In fact, there are a stack of entries in Microsoft Windows feedback hub complaining of the same problem. The Windows 10 Accumulative Update for the 1803 system (KB4507435) obstinately tries to update my Dell PC (Intel Inside) every day, unsuccessfully. The feedback hub shows over a 100 upvotes ; will Microsoft bother about these in a world of many millions of PC’s. This has been going on for several weeks now. Please ! what can do ? Move to a Linux system ?

  34. after updating to WIN10 I can’t even connect to internet or see my pictures or my files or music even videos please any help I don’t know what to do

  35. I hae an even better solution that is guaranteed to work with any hardware combination and any pc laptop or desktop.

    Uninstall windows and learn to use linux.

    Need windows for certain applications and have extra resources available?
    Learn about VirtualBox.

    Problem solved.

  36. Recent update killed my sound. The last thing I wanted to do on my day off was spend over an hour looking for a fix to another update that I never asked in the first place.

    Thankfully, this article on rolling back an update/ restoring a previous version was the solution to my problem.

    Microsoft needs to stop requiring these updates. I don’t need anymore spyware and not allowing me to say, “no” to an update is cyber-rape. #metoo

  37. I can’t understand why all these folks have so much trouble. I have used Windows 10 since the first free update from Win 7 was offered and have had no real troubles. The worst that has ever happened to me was preferences and prefered o\programs reset to MS defaults. Those were easily corrected.

  38. Edit to my previous comment:. I have installed the osutup10 app to eliminate a lot of the “telemewtry”

  39. I’m not technical so can’t quote details except that:
    -after a Windows update in April/May my PC would not restart. Got an expert in who told me that my hard disc was badly damaged, and despite her best efforts retrieval of any files in a readable form has proved impossible.
    – result, buy new computer.
    -Thanks Microsoft!

  40. Since Windows 10-v.1903 my indexing apps (Copernic, file-parsing in Lookeen) fail completely referring to a necessary install of .Net framework 4.0, which can’t be installed, since the newer v4.8 is included in Windows 10 v.1903 already.
    No solution by uninstalling/reinstalling the apps, AVS having cleaned the registry, running the apps as administrator.

  41. im still having problems too since the update… so frustrating.. if i can get through from the constant blackscreening, all my videos glitch up.. when that happens task manager says something is using all the ram.. but wont tell me what is using the ram… its bloody windows!! arrrrrrggghhh.. i usually wait a couple months before updating because of this constant unreliable hell but it still happens… right now its been an hour and all i get is a blackscreen.. again and again.. this is the worst update glitching ive ever had

  42. Thursday morning our office computer crashed losing ALL of our records. We run a program that uses Windows 10 so we were committed.
    It took a team from Montreal to work through the night to try and recover our corrupted files. They managed to get something from August 3rd. After more waiting, our local tech person extracted a mimicking file and not as corrupt and after running more tools to fix the file , they managed to get the latest save.
    This has cost the business thousands of dollars. Anyone else out there have a similar experience?

  43. After windows updated to version 1903 my Forti Client will not work and I can no longer connect to my company server. Tried several things all no help. Is there a Bug fix that will be coming out to fix this issue?

  44. Just install Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon and all your problems will be over ……so easy

  45. Been using Linux mint for ages. Thought I would test out windows again for fun only to find broken updates Radeon graphics drivers all over the place. Pixelated text on all areas of the system so bad it hurts your eyes. What a waste of money for you poor people

  46. Just bought a brand new Lenovo laptop. Used it for 5 days then W10 forced me to do their major update – told me they had 22gigs of the old Windows stored for me in case things went bad.
    Things did go bad. NOTHING WORKS!
    Cannot use Search to find anything. Cannot use the internet, neither firefox nor Edge. Connection is fine but programs won’t work.
    System Restore did not help, made it worse. Went back … still screwed…
    Can’t open Lenovo help.
    Can’t open anything, it’s just completely broken and crippled.
    Was planning to try Linux but wanted to get up and running on Windows first.
    Now can’t even get to the part of Windows to make a partition for Linux.
    This is effing CRAZY! Windows Update didn’t just screw up some aspects of my computer, it screwed up EVERYTHING!

  47. Just got the 1903 update and my desktop is rally bright and lacks contrast, I cannot use my
    nVidia control panel, it throws up an error message ‘The specified user does not have a valid profile’
    This update is awful, maybe I should roll back.

  48. I just did a windows 10 update and now I have a PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR. I can’t get my computer to restart in safe mode and I’m on a continuous loop with the bsod. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions are welcome. My laptop has a Bluetooth keyboard so I have to access everything from the tablet. Help! :)

    1. Michelle Onofrey I did not get the BSOD but (you can read above) the latest W10 update (feature update?) complete broke my brand new Lenovo Think Pad; that is it broke the W10 OS so I cannot use the computer AT ALL. The search doesn’t work, updates don’t work, internet doesn’t work, NOTHING works at all. Even if W10 issues a fix I don’t think I could load it… unless I could do so via USB…
      Windows sucks so bad I am planning to install Linux today on a partition and if it’s half as good as everyone says it is, it’s GOODBYE WINDOWS forever, and I can only say that I HOPE WINDOWS GOES COMPLETELY OUT OF BUSINESS and Bill Gates loses all his money and ends up in poverty, or better yet, prison, for selling everyone this completely worthless and non-working Windows 10 system.

  49. I use Macrium Reflect for backups. It’s free and it’s awesome. Once you download it, open it and tell it to create a boot menu for you and get it to create a bootable USB drive. That way you can always access your rig. 1903 changed the ID of my Win 10 drive so it was not seen. I was able to get to Macrium and reinstall 1803 on it. It automatically images the C drive twice a week. I’m also finding that leaving a non bootable USB drive permanently in my rig stops 1903 from downloading itself.

  50. With the new update when I save I get a black background with white letters that makes it difficult to locate the file I want to save to. What idiot thought this was a good design idea? It sucks!

  51. My Dell Vostro crashed two days ago, just as the long weekend started. I assume it has to do with the last Windows 10 update.
    I have danced through the BSOD many times to no avail, read through multiple suggestions on the net, and know that I will have to bite the bullet and have someone much more tech-savvy than I work on this. Same thing happened 16 months ago. Fortunately I can reload all my data and program licenses but jeez!! Time to switch to a Mac?

  52. Jeez. I’m sad that I see some of the people here having massive issues. For me my PC updated with no problem, just that it freezes alot and I have to reset my PC without the “restart” option which will screw my PC over badly because I used to have bluescreens and graphical issues with my system whenever it’d accidentally do 1 crash or if I had to force-restart it.

    I’m so sorry to people who lost everything. :(

    I shall put some important things onto my google drive as my USB’s are a little filled. I can’t risk losing all my drawings. :((

  53. Don’t Do It!!!! 3 Monitor set up for Gaming, destroyed. Puts up 3 separate screens with no way to combine them into 1 display! Destroys Classic Shell and other legacy items. Just skip it until Mickeysoft pulls its head out of you know where.

    Pour moi avec win 10 – 1903 build 18362.329 j’ai 2 soucis:
    Primo: Le redémarrage est impossible puisque le PC se fige et les points qui tournaient en cercle bloquent soudainement… Je suis obligé de le réinitialiser avec le bouton “rapide” …
    Secundo: la mise à jour vers la build 18362.356 est impossible…j’ai arrêté mon kaspersky … nettoyé UPDATE … Essayé un logiciel nommé WSUS Rien n’a changé!
    Tout aide sera la bienvenue … Commentaire farfelu s’abstenir ! Merci

  55. I don’t actually believe it works for a majority of people. I actually think Microsoft shipped an update that is working for a minority of people. My company has many people where the update wastes hours, and it fails.

    Until Microsoft owns their problem, do not assume competence. The evidence suggests a very large user base is wasting time while Microsoft counts their dollars and doesn’t actually do competent work.

  56. I have an underpowered HP Stream laptop with hardly any storage. I have gone through this ‘hours’ long 1903 update about three times now (having to rely on additional USB storage). Each time, at the end of the long install, it says I was successful. I even check for updates and it says I’m current. However, a few days later, I get a notification that my last update failed and I need to do it again. I don’t understand this repetitious and misleading process.

  57. Hi, I am facing a weird problem after 1903 update. Some 3rd part UI don’t open! For example Dell Update UI does not open, McAfee AV UI does not open. Secondly, the targets (shortcut path) change automatically to a wrong logical drive and thus errors when you actually want to invoke! Strange! Any fixes for these? Thanks in advance

  58. Just had an update last night and lost all my files. Called Microsoft support and they told me my comp did an upgrade and all my files cannot be retrieved. So angry right now. Lost a ton of stuff I didn’t move to an ex hd. Ridiculous

  59. Too many eager beavers who gladly install feature upgrades or even security updates blindly without taking pause to see what bugs are created and will they affect your hardware. Users should take advantage of the Windows update pauses and allow for these bug to show up and be patched. Honestly what set Windows 7 apart from Windows 10 was far more control over updates and Windows version upgrades. As well as the fact those upgrades came much less frequently and were vetted properly before release. Honestly you place any OS on such a fast pace of upgrades as Microsoft has and throw in millions of devices and hardware configurations and its a recipe for disaster. Clearly Microsoft Windows team gave themselves and their Insider’s too much credit on vetting these upgrades.

  60. Did the latest Sep 2019 update. It took 7 hours!!!! to complete. Now it keeps saying Restart to Update – three times I have had to do this. I assume that some updates didn’t install properly. This is a nightmare. Now I find that the ‘features’ I need don’t work. The browsers (Foxfire & Chrone) keep losng tabs. I then find them orphaned in separate windows. I used to be able to drag and drop them back to the main window – but drag and drop no longer works with the browser windows and tabs. In File Explorer I used to be able to drag and drop files to such as Adobe Photo Shop, WeTransfer and other services. But drag and drop for files no longer works. I can’t resize windows by dragging the margins in or out – its either full screen or half screen. The ‘-‘ drops the window to the task bar. The ‘+’ doesn’t resize to full screen (with tabs showing). The overlapping square icon (to customise resize midway) no longer works. Periodically the browser tabs disappear. And als the task bar at the botton. I have no way of getting them to reappear. Hopeless.

  61. My Acer Nitro laptop did an automatic update last night. I had not heard about the issues with the windows update and now I’m in an endless cycle of repairing your computer (not working) or reset. My desktop is an Alien with win 7 and I’ve never had these kinds of problems with it. I hesitated to buy a new laptop due to everything being a win 10 now but I had to bite the bullet. Now I’m not sure what to do. Should I “reset” and keep my files…?

  62. Linux desktop is a second class OS always has been always will. The reasons are far too many but as Linus Torvalds said in 2018. The fragmentation is slowing progress and hampering development of graphic drivers and third parties to support so many different systems. He’s belief is Chrome OS will be the future not Linux desktop and the internal strife inside of Linux is to blame. I tend to agree with Linus that his vision was never about having so many distributions of desktop Linux. It also complicates selling Linux to a Windows user who see’s this messy ecosystem as too confusing and even when they try it they typically must have just the right hardware or risk spending hours of fiddling and posting for help in forums. I don’t know of too many average users willing to accept this as better.

  63. Hi, I would like to know if any of you got your computer only entering Safe Mode after Windows decided to update without waiting for an answer. Every time I turn it on, my computer enters Safe mode and I can’t do anything like playing games and things are too big. I’m planning on doing a backup and restore to like the first of three last updates but I’d like to know also if this bug will keep happening? Would it be a problem with my computer or only with the update at that time?

  64. Ever since I’ve updated, my computer has slowed down big time, and my printer is going crazy (repeat printing or not printing at all), and my computer has become very slow. I can’t even go back to a previous versions of windows :( This computer is less than a year old!!

  65. NO way will this happen to me again. Microcrap update team is completely incompetent. WindowsUpdateDisabler at least works and i’ve completely shut all updates off until further notice. Any of us would lose our jobs if we consistently performed our jobs like the windows update team has performed its job. Just flat out horrid. Total embarrassment.

    Shocking incompetence.

  66. After the fall update, the pined file explorer does not respond to mouse right click.
    So, in order to get recent files option I needed to setup a desktop short cut.
    In addition, it made a reset to all my personal preferences like font sizes that I did setup using a tweaking utility.
    The arbitrary brutal resenting of configurations is a common practice of most windows 10 updates.
    Windows 10 updates did not reach the break even point yet. Namely, the point when the new update does not introduce a higher number of bugs then in intended to fix.
    Sometimes it looks to me that the MS windows 10 team did not use windows ever before.

  67. many advice for fix win10 update problem didnot help me. Only this help me:
    I download Windows10Upgrade9252.exe (approx 6Mb) and I ran it. It upgraded windows and than windows updates go without any problems.

  68. The new Microsoft update has crashed my computer. Update 1903 (3) Oxc1900101 can’t configure some settings. When I restart, it hangs on a black screen page asking me to choose the OS to start (or advanced options). No matter which OS I choose, ((my choices are windows 10 and windows 10) I thought maybe, one is the old before the update and the other is the new after the update) the computer crashes. At least it boots up to that point, allowing me to choose advanced options and then safe mode, which then recognizes something is wrong with windows last update and uninstalls the update for me. Then restarts back to my last working version 1803. I let the update try again one week later and same thing. For now I have gone into settings, admin tools, services and disabled windows update altogether.

    1. How do you disable windows update altogether? I would very much like to do that, but haven’t seen a choice. Every “features” update results in hours of computer use loss and struggles to get it back again.

      1. there apps you can download to disable the ms update. google it.

  69. Nothing is working properly, literally! No calculator, no startup menu etc. I’m using them by finding their path. I have created lots of shortcut to open the progrmas that I use often including ms word, paint etc. Calculator, feedback, seaxch, start menu is not working. I wonder when they will fix these all issues. I’m not sure whether I should uninstall the updates since it may cause a worse problem:( What is your suggestion?

  70. Yes Microsoft stop fixing shit that ain’t broken, or learn to code correctly,

  71. Thank you for some interesting & hopefully useful info..once I can get back into my PC!
    Had no problem(s) but decided to do a Full Windows Defender scan overnight. Tried to log in this morning got buffering then a black screen. Did the usual turn off/on unplug etc. Tried pressing F8 (?) lots of times. Got a pop up saying NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error. Tried turning it off one more time then screen said Scanning and repairing dive C .. unfortunately got to 36% then started again and now stuck on 6% complete ..Oh dear.

  72. Another thing the 1903 update broke for my is my USB2.0 HDTV Tuner (AVerMedia Volar Green) I am in Australia ew have 5 main channels (ABS, 7, 9, 10 and SBS) each of these has there own set of sub channels, most SD and 1 (or 2 in the case of 9) in 1080i HD. Windows update broke my ability to use the 2 HD channels from 9 (9HD and 9gemHD), when the required hardware acceleration is enabled in AVerTV. As a result I get Audio and no Video on those channels. If I disable the Hardware Acceleration in AVerTV not only do I get horriffic color glitching on 9HD and 9gemHD, ALL channels get massive garbling artifacts every single time the scene changes. This sucks as my TV is crap, it only does 702p and the colors are wrong and washed out, the speakers are tinny and distort even at moderate volume and when connecting external speakers to the jack the sound still comes out of the internal speakers. My monitor is much better, it is 1080p @165Hz with anadaptive refres rate and far, far superior visual quality, my PC also uses a Sound Blaster Zx connected to a set of Logitech z906 THX-Certified 5.1 surround speakers, so running the TV through my PC is far superior in both picture and sound quality. I find no help on any forum, I contacted AVerMedia and one of their support personell said Windows 10 is to blame, and when I contacted a Microsoft ttechnician by phone they wouldn’t help because the Tuner isn’t a Microsoft product and the Tuners app isn’t a Microsoft made app. Micsoft’s OS broke the damn thing and they refuse to take resopnsibility for it. I found many, many threads of others with their USB and PCIE HDTV tuners broken by this god-awful update and all that happens is Microsoft locks the thread.

  73. How can a company like Microsoft ignore their responsibility with Windows 10 faulty upgrades? Is there somewhere we can all complain to? I have a desktop that I has been driving me mad for past two weeks with BSOD and resets every time I start it. My system eventually recovers but why should we have to accept this? I thought it was a problem with my hardware as windows suggests but there is nothing wrong with my PC the problem turns out to be with Microsoft!! Today I started up my lap top which I need for my job and guess what BSOD but this time I cant get it to start the only solution is to reload Windows 10 and lose some software in the process. Then I check on line and there are thousands of people everywhere suffering with this problem. How can Microsoft get away with this and blissfully go about their business when its causing so many problems worldwide?

    1. “How can Microsoft get away with this and blissfully go about their business when its causing so many problems worldwide?”
      It’s called ‘user lock-in’. M$ knows that most users cannot/will not give up Microsoft products. They are trapped in Microsoft’s walled prison. The only way M$ will take notice of user dissatisfaction is if users switch to another O/S and M$ starts loosing market share big time. Unfortunately, for various reasons, a mass migration away from Microsoft will never happen.

  74. yep,microsoft strikes again,uninstalled in 2 minutes after restarting computer,major glitch with monitor/tv, no problem now its uninstalled,nice try will never upgrade again,dont care what bug theyre were supposed to fix

  75. worst update experience ever…keep getting bsod when restart during the update. Microsoft please fire your software engineer that is incharge of this update.

  76. It’s gotten to the point where Windows update two Windows 10 is a virus that freezes my computer. Shutting it on and off doesn’t work I actually have to unplug it and wait for a whole minute before I plug it in again just to get my computer to boot up. This happened with the last Windows update too. I actually had to look up how to turned up Windows updates for the future and block it if it tries again. I just don’t need Microsoft screwing up my computer anymore. It freaks me out every time it does. It only happens after a Windows 10 update. I’m to the point where I’m convinced Windows is unable to do an update anymore.

  77. After last update my xone k2 not work when I try to start any software who used it windows screen go full blue and tel mi a problem with xone 2k soundcard controler

  78. The last two updates caused one program (game) to disappear completely; blew away Drop Box (they cannot start it) and made the computer muddy and bloated. By definition, an update means an item is corrected to it’s best performance, not add programs that do not work well. There is a lot of junk added by M.S. and 99 percent of it is useless or cannot be edited. The 12 year olds coding are more interested in flash and cute than in having a solid working machine. I might remind them that the license was paid by the manufacturer and I bought the machine. Don’t change my stuff. Why can’t an update have check boxes and you can add what you want?

  79. Who updated this in December 2019, including this nonsensical sentence? –
    Recently, Windows Insiders revealed that an update is coming to Windows 10 (around April 2019) which will allow all Windows users (including Home users) to pause updates by up to seven days.
    Is that really old news, or should the date be April 2020 ?

    1. Pausing Updates is already here. I’m duel booting to see how far and vulnerable windows 7 is so downloaded all the updates now and then see what is secure and not.

      1. Missing the point – the article writes about a so-called coming event and gives the date of that “future” event as 2019. At the end of the article there is a claim that it was updated in December 2019, which implies that someone re-read the article, checking that the information it contained was current. The fact that “April 2019” was allowed to stand when it was obviously out of date makes me wonder what other misleading information is here.

    2. so slip streaming all windows 7 updates into an iso

  80. after update no cast to tv. my onboard sound not working to the point i had to install a pci sound card to get sound working again. why ms why. don’t release an update if its not stable

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