Last Chance for Make Tech Easier Black Friday Deals

Are you all shopped out, or do you still have a little bit left in you? If you have even just a little bit left, we have some more last chance Black Friday deals for you. Check here for the full listing – just three of them are highlighted below.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and Accessory Kit

Smartphones are great for always giving us a waiting camera in our pockets. The problem is those pictures are stored digitally. What if you want to have instant pictures right after you take them? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and Accessory Kit allows you those instant photos you’ve been looking for. Additionally, the automatic exposure measurement will allow you to snap the perfect photo every time. And along with the camera itself, you get plenty of accessories.

  • No need to lug around a bulky camera.
  • Print mini photos immediately
  • Included case will keep your camera protected
  • Twenty stickers and five frames included to apply to your photos
  • Sixty-four-pocket photo album included
  • Four colorful filters to help you capture your photos
  • Attached selfie mirror

Get this great instant camera for $34.99.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and Accessory Kit

JetJat Ultra Nano Drone


Do you dream of being a drone pilot? You can with this on-touch takeoff drone that gives a smooth flight. The JetJat Ultra Nano Drone is the easiest drone to pilot, only needing a click of a button for it to take off, maintain altitude, and land. Transport it easily with it fitting right inside its controller, and set it up to live stream the camera feed to your smartphone. It will allow you a first-person view from anywhere.

  • Steer using a live streaming view after attaching your smartphone to the controller.
  • Take off and land by pushing a single button and have four-channel control of direction, thrust, flips, and tricks
  • Tap the button once and throw the drone to have it hovering and awaiting your command
  • High-quality camera will capture action photos and video
  • Completely control the flight with three speed modes and a six-axis Gyroscope
  • Built-in LED lights allow you to fly at night
  • TAMO C-Future Virtual Reality Headset sold separately

Order this great drone for less than $100.

JetJat Ultra Nano Drone

TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator


Do you have a bit of a lead foot when you’re driving? Are you constantly worried that the police are going to catch you and slap you with a speeding ticket? Your worries are over with the TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator. It’s a simple wireless button that attaches to your dashboard to warn you of speed traps, red-light cameras, and school zones, all with flashing colors to alert you. The community of users will alert you in real time to awaiting police or speed traps. And it’s all perfectly legal.

  • Approach a speed trap or speed near one and the light blinks green
  • Notify other users of a speed trap by tapping it twice
  • Be alerted of potential dangers with chimes
  • Connect to your phone just once and stay connected
  • Sticks nearly anywhere in your car yet also moves easily between vehicles

Order this ticket-saving device for just $149.

TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator

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