KwiClick: Power Up Your Firefox Search and Improve Your Efficiency

Out of the total time you spent online, how much time did you spent in searching and social networking site? A lot, I would say. In fact, I won’t be surprised if that take up the bulk of your Internet time, at least it is for me. Being a blogger, most part of my time online are spent searching for article ideas and sharing stuffs across multiple social networking site. Not very productive, I know. Luckily, there is Kwiclick.

KwiClick is a Firefox extension that unifies all your searches and social sharing tasks. It aims to improve your search experience and efficiency by displaying all the stuffs in a  non-intrusive window. It allows to do more work (search and sharing) without having to leave the current page. Let’s take a closer look.

Getting started

After you have installed KwiClick, the first thing that it does is to change the behavior of your search. Whenever you perform a search (in the search bar), instead of loading the search result on the current page, a small window will now pop up showing the search result. You can then click on the search result to get it load on the current browser. It also responds to the mouse middle click to open the link in a new tab. Alternatively, to perform a search in KwiClick, you can click on the icon beside the search bar. This will also open up the search window.


At the bottom of the window lies a row of icon where you can select the site to retrieve your search results from. Available sites include Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Friendfeed, Twitter, Flickr and Google Maps and many more.

The best part about this small display window is that it allows you to search for content without having to leave your current page. This non-intrusive display window floats above your current page and can be closed/reopened easily. Furthermore, it allows you to search content from various sites and provide real-time results (Twitter).

Get quick, instant result while surfing the Web

let” s say while you are surfing the web and come across this term that you want to check it up in Wikipedia. Instead of opening a new tab, go to and search for the term, you just need to highlight the term. A set of icons (known as Search Clover) will appear above the highlighted term. You can then click on the ‘W’ icon to perform a search in Wikipedia.


You can perform the same trick with address (on Google maps) as well. Highlight the address and select the Maps icon. The address will instantly show up in Google Maps. One thing I noticed though – it only searches US address. I can’t get my local address to appear with the Map function.

Easier and faster social sharing function

When you are on media sites like Flickr, Youtube or Vimeo, you will immediately notice a new row of toolbar appear on top of the video/photo.


This toolbar allows you to view the video/photo on a separate window so you can continue to surf the Web with the video still running in the front end.


In addition, you can also easily share the video/photo without having to go to the social networking sites.


Backend configuration

It is also good to see that there is a bunch of configuration options in the backend. You can decide what appear on the Search Clover, how it reacts to the highlighting of the terms, the look and feel of the display window, mouse actions in the search results and many more other options. If you have installed a mouse gesture extension, you can also configure it to work in KwiClick.



After trying out this extension, I have decided to keep it because it is just so darn useful for me. What about you? If you have tried it, do let us know if it works for you.

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