10 Kid-Friendly Browsers that Are Totally Safe For Kids to Use

When you need information, Google, Edge, and Firefox are probably where you go first to find that information. But, how about your kids? What browser would be best for them?

It’s no secret the Internet isn’t exactly kid-friendly, and they may stumble upon information or images they shouldn’t see. Luckily, there are browsers just for them.

1. Kiddle – Visual Search Engine for Kids


Kiddle is a very colorful kid-friendly browser that’s powered by Google. It features s funny-looking red robot on Mars for the kids to enjoy. Instead of the word Google, you’ll see Kiddle and the search bar where the kids can do their searching.

Just like Google, below the search bar kids can either look for images, Web, Kimages (images from Kiddle encyclopedia), video, and Kpedia. If you see a page that you consider inappropriate for kids, just click on the “Site blocking” link at the bottom and fill out the short form.

2. KidRex


KidRex is a little different from the above-mentioned browser. First of all, the design is as if a kid actually drew it which makes it even better. It doesn’t have the images, videos, etc. options but it still offers the information you need.

KidRex also has a section where you can see the drawings kids made of the search engine. It doesn’t say how you can send them in, but I think you can by clicking on the “Contact Us” option at the bottom.

3. Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser


Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser is a browser you’ll need to download on your Android device. You can set up a list of websites your child can visit and age-appropriate content, though the browser can do that for you, too.

Any site that is not on your safe list will be blocked. Not only will the site be blocked but also any links, advertisements, or promotions as well.

The browser has extra security since the safe list can only be changed by entering a password. The browser is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad as well.

4. KidSplorer Web Browser

KidSplorer Web Browser can also help keep your kids safe while they’re online. Your kids can only visit the sites you whitelisted, and you can remove, edit, or add URLs. You can make the browser run at startup if you want or can just manually launch it.

This kid-friendly browser can also block access tot he Internet for the times you specify. So if the kids should be doing their homework, you can rest assured they won’t be able to go online. Kids won’t be able to switch programs that are installed on the computer, and you can also set up different website lists for each of your kids.

5. KidzSearch


KidzSearch is a browser made especially for kids that uses Google Safe Search. This way your kids will only come across content that is suitable for their age. When they first access the browser, kids will see age-appropriate videos and content.

To the left they will see options such as music, pictures, games, Kidz Tube and one that will take them to the top-rated kid sites. The browser also integrates voice search and a help option as well.

6. Safe Search Kids


Safe Search Kids not only has a very colorful design but also offers more than just a browser for kids to use. Kids can get help with their math and also read up on tips on how they can deal with cyberbullying and how to post images online.

This browser is powered by Google’s safe search too so you can rest assured your kids won’t run into content they shouldn’t. Safe Search Kids also has an option so kids can visit the best websites for them.

7. K9 Web Protection Browser for iOS


K9 Web Protection Browser for iOS is completely free and will keep your kids away from content not meant for them. For example, the browser will block nudity, extreme content, violence, hate, racism, etc.

It will also filter potentially malicious sites for phishing, proxy avoidance, spyware effects, and suspicious content. When you search for a subject, the browser will also display (right below the search bar) how many results it blocks.

8. Kidoz: Discover the Best


Kidoz (no longer available) is not only a browser for kids but also a launcher with an ad blocker, no in-app purchases for kids, kid-friendly camera and photo gallery, and there are also handpicked videos for preschoolers and babies that are updated daily.

You can either allow or disallow any of the browsing kids websites included in the app, but this would fall under the Premium features. To unlock every feature in the app, it will set you back $8.31.

9. Sandbox Web Browser for iOS


With Sandbox your kids will only be able to visit the sites you list on the whitelist. Once you install the browser, go to settings on your iOS device and tap on Domain Whitelist. There you can enter the URL of the sites you want your kids to see and can enter a total of thirteen sites.

The browser can also be set up so that it never turns off while the launcher is open. You can also create bookmarks for your kids; a total of twenty of them can be formed.

10. Safe Internet Browser for Kids for Android


Last but not least, you have the Safe Internet Browser for Kids. With Parent Mode you can add the sites you want your kids to see. The browser comes with three preinstalled sites for kids such as Amazing Paper Planes, Lego, and CoolMath.

To make any changes you will need to create a pin and enter it with every change you make. To search for a site to add, just use the app’s browser and tap on the plus sign at the top right.


The Internet contains vast information, but it can also be a dangerous place for a kid. With these kid-friendly browsers, your kids won’t have to come across content that they are not ready to see. What are your thoughts on the apps? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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