Kevin Rose Quarterly Box Featuring Bluetooth Smart Bulb and PowerCube

Quarterly is a subscription box service that sends out boxes of cool products (based on the chosen category) every three months. Unlike traditional subscription boxes that are curated by the same person (or group of people), Quarterly uses many different curators, catering to a variety of interests like Fashion, Art, Travel, Sports, Beauty, and more.

As you may have guessed, Quarterly also has a group of Technology curators which includes Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox Therapy) and Kevin Rose. I’m sure you already know who Kevin Rose is, but just in case you don’t, he’s an Internet entrepreneur and the co-founder of Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk.


Quarterly was nice enough to send us the most recent Kevin Rose Box from September 2015 to give away to our readers. The neatly packaged box features a mix of lifestyle and tech favorites to help enhance your day-to-day life. There are five items in the box, but I’m going to focus on the two gadgets: a SmartFX Bluetooth smart bulb and a PowerCube Extended USB.


SmartFX Bluetooth Smart Bulb

If you’ve been wanting to get a smart light bulb, the SmartFX Bluetooth bulb is a great choice. It offers 40k hours of use and only uses 10% of the energy that a standard bulb uses. So it doesn’t just include cool features, but it also helps save you money.


To control the bulb you’ll need to download the app for your Android or iOS device (which can control up to 25 smart bulbs at once). It connects to the bulb via Bluetooth. You can then use the app to control the color (16 million to choose from), warmth, and brightness of the light. There are five slots where you can save your favorite colors for easy access. You can also set an alarm to have the light turn on and off at specific times each day.


There are a few other features like preset functions (e.g. cross fade, strobe), custom functions (create your own), and a camera mode. (I haven’t figured that one out yet.) However, my favorite features are the music and disco functions. With these two modes you can have the bulb dance to music on your device (you can choose one or more songs to play through) or to music you may be listening to through a stereo system.

The bulb is lightweight and works nicely with any setting to help change the mood. It would even be great as a desk lamp since you can dim it and change the color and warmth to something much easier on the eyes at night time.

PowerCube Extended USB

I’m sure you’re familiar with electrical power strips, but have you ever heard of the PowerCube? It’s an outlet adapter in the shape of a cube. There are a variety of cubes available; the Kevin Rose Quarterly Box features the PowerCube Extended USB 3M. It includes four three-prong outlets and two USB ports along with a resettable fuse on the back.


The power cord itself is 3 meters long, which is a great length to work with and gives you some leeway. Another cool thing about the PowerCube is that you can connect multiple PowerCubes together, allowing you to have more outlets and USB ports; this would be great in an office or computer lab.


If you plan to use the PowerCube for your personal desk, you’ll love the included stick-on dock. It allows you to mount the dock on top of or underneath your desk so that it’s out of the way and not taking up valuable space. The only thing about mounting is that you have to sacrifice one of your outlets because the mounting plate attaches to a side of the cube.

Two sticky tabs are included for mounting the dock; however, there are also two holes in the dock giving the impression that it can also be screwed into a desk or wall for added security.

Other Items in Box


The other three items in the box are:

  • Machine Era Brass Pen – This pen features a unique brass body which gives it some weight. It is small in size and has a screw-on cap so that you won’t lose it. The tip isn’t super fine, but writing with it is a really smooth experience (it glides on paper) and doesn’t require much effort.
  • Hoppin’ Jalapeno Flavor Chomps – This is just a healthy little Paleo snack that you can enjoy when at work or on-the-go. It’s high in protein and great for a quick pick-me-up.
  • The Goodwell Company Floss – I’m guessing you’ll need this after eating the above-mentioned snack – or just use it as needed when away from home. These unique floss picks come in cards of four and detach individually. They’re compact and fit easily in your wallet, purse or pocket.

Final Thoughts

The Kevin Rose Quarterly Box is a great way to find cool gadgets that you may not know about. I would definitely be happy to receive a box of goodies like this every three months. The two main items in this quarter’s box are extremely useful and don’t just offer one-time or occasional use; I can see myself using them daily. The lifestyle items are a nice added bonus as well.


Thanks to Quarterly, we have one Kevin Rose Quarterly Box to give away. To participate in this giveaway, all you need to do is connect with your email and physical address (so we can contact you if you are the winner). This will earn you a single chance. You can also share this article to earn additional chances of winning a box. This giveaway contest has ended.

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Kevin Rose Quarterly Box

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