How to Keep Windows Running When Laptop Lid Is Closed

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When you close the laptop lid, the default behavior for Windows is to go to Sleep. This helps to conserve power and save your battery life. However, there are times when you need Windows to continue running in the background even though the laptop lid is closed. Here is how you can get it done in Windows 10.

Keeping the Laptop Working

In Windows, click on the notifications tray near the lower-right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the section is a list of options, one of which is “All Settings” and is represented by a gear icon. Tap on this option.

Windows Notification Drawer

A new window will open revealing the Settings page for your Windows 10 program. This is the part of Windows 10 which controls the look and functioning of your laptop’s various programs.

Go to the System section of the Settings page.

Windows Settings Page

Scroll down the list of options to the left of the screen. Click on the “Power and Sleep” option. To the right of the page, select “Additional Power Settings.”

Windows Power Settings

A new screen will open to reveal the control panel with a list of options to the left. Tap on “Choose what closing the lid does.”

Windows Control Panel

On the new page you will see the option, “When I close the lid.” By default, this option is set to Sleep, but this can be changed.

Windows Close Lid Options

On the drop-down menu next to it, select “Do nothing.” You can choose this option for your laptop when it is plugged in and charging or when the laptop is operating on battery power alone, depending on your requirements. Both these options are listed side by side on the same page.

Once you have adjusted the settings, go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Save Changes.”

Now whenever you close the lid of the laptop, it will not go to sleep but will continue to run in the background.

If you have decided to let Windows 10 continue running after the laptop lid is closed, you may also want to optimize your laptop battery life in Windows 10 to make sure it doesn’t waste your battery when you are not around.

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