JPEGmini: A Simple and Effective Tool to Reduce Image File Size

JpegminiConsider a situation. You took photos during your friend’s birthday party and it is time to upload them on Facebook or email them to other friends. Normally, the photos taken using digital cameras are large in size, which makes it really difficult to upload them or even email them to anyone.

A good solution is to compress the image to a size that is suitable for sharing and emailing. JPEGmini is a handy online utility which allow users to reduce image file size by up to 5 times and optimize them for online use. Later, those images can be uploaded, emailed, used in blog posts or simply anywhere. One good thing about JPEGmini is that it does not reduce image size without having major impact on its quality.


Using JPEGmini is really simple and straightforward. Open JPEGmini website and click on the Try Now button to get started.

JPEGmini Get Started

All you have to do is click on the Select Photo button and browse the image which you want to optimize. The time it takes to process the photo depends on the size of the image and you Internet speed.

Jpegmini Select Photos

Once the optimization is complete, it will show the optimized image as well as the original one. It will also show you the how much size was reduced by JPEGmini. Just click on the Download Photo button to save the image to your PC.

JPEGmini Results


If you like the service, you can sign up for a free account, which allows you to upload full albums, share the uploaded/optimized images on Picasa and Flickr and unlimited usage. Best of all, it’s completely free. Just click on Sign up button and fill the required fields. If you don’t want to go through the registration procedure, you can use your Google or Facebook credentials to login to JPEGmini. However, to do that you must authorize the application to access your Facebook or Google account.

Once registered, you can upload multiple photos and reduce their size. It will automatically create the album and you can name it to whatever you want. When you upload multiple albums, it might not show the images for a few seconds. It will be great if they can show a progress bar so at least you know they are processing in the background. Once its uploaded, you can download the entire album with one single click.


If you sign up, you can share your album on Picasa and Flickr as well. Just click one Send to Flickr/Picasa button under the album and it will ask you to authorize JPEGmini to access your Picasa account.

JPEGmini Share

It will automatically upload the selected album on Picasa.

JPEGmini Picasa


JPEGmini is a really handy web application which can reduce image file size without affecting its quality. We tested the application by uploading several images of different sizes and the conversion rate was really good. It reduced images by more than 5 times. Do you use JPEGmini? If yes, please share your views using the comments section below.

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