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JotForm PDF Editor

As you know, here at Make Tech Easier we love covering companies and tech innovations that make our lives hassle-free. We’ve covered several in the past, and today we’re going to cover JotForm – a company that has stolen the spotlight in 2018 for automating the PDF creation process. Let’s dive into this exciting world of JotForm PDF Editor.

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Picture This

You’ve created an online form and want the information collected turned into a presentable document format. Assuming you received only one form submission, it’s easy to convert the data into PDF. Just copy the information, open a new Word document, paste the content and finally save the document as PDF.

Now, suppose you received around 200 form submissions. That would require a lot of time and effort to convert all those responses into separate PDFs. This is where JotForm PDF Editor offers a helping hand. It automates the PDF creation process so you won’t have to do any manual work.

What Is JotForm PDF Editor?

JotForm PDF Editor is an online form building tool that lets you create PDFs out of form response data. JotForm has provided a convenient way for users to create and publish stunning online forms since 2006. Their PDF Editor takes a leap forward towards making the data collected actionable and more presentable.

How does it achieve that? When submissions roll in, this PDF Editor automatically converts collected form response data into professional, elegant PDFs that you can share with your colleagues.

Features We Liked

Here are the salient features that make the JotForm PDF Editor stand out from the competition.

1. Unlimited Design Possibilities


The beauty of the JotForm Editor is seen in how it lets you design your PDFs without limiting your creativity. Whether you want to add images, include your company’s logo, add sections in horizontal alignment, or use colors that reflect your brand’s tone, you can do it all in very little effort.

The drag-and-drop interface lets you add elements in just a single click. You can even control how you want the responses to appear on the document – either in landscape or portrait orientation.

2. More than 100 Templates


Not sure of where to start? Give your design a jump start by choosing a template to work with. JotForm offers over a hundred templates to choose from, so you’ll always find one that suits your business needs. From forms for event planning to contracts and invoices, JotForm has the foundation needed to make your business stand out.

3. Electronic Signatures


Professional documents can’t be deemed valid without a signature. Your clients, customers, or staff can now insert their electronic signature using a computer or a mobile device. How handy is that? This eliminates the timely process of printing and manually signing the document while adding an element of professionalism.

4. Easy Integrations


JotForm PDF Editor integrates seamlessly with popular software like Box, DropBox and Google Sheets. This ensures your form responses are saved to cloud services of your choice. It also goes a long way in helping you keep all your relevant information and tools in one place.

5. Easy Sharing


With JotForm PDF Editor, you can easily share your PDFs with your staff and customers. Just hit the “Share” button, and the system will quickly generate a link for you to copy or send with email. It’s also easy to toggle between the PDFs you receive, and you can choose to print, download, or share in a single click.

How Does the JotForm PDF Editor Work?

First, you’ll need to create an online form with JotForm form builder and share it with your audience (publish it).


Once done, use the JotForm PDF Editor to design a PDF template that will automatically be created when someone submits your form. Watch this short video to get a better idea of how the JotForm PDF Editor works.

The PDF Editor will help you add your business logo, page numbers, background image/color, and orientation as well as choose your desired fonts.


Once the submissions roll in, you can choose to share, store, download, or even print your PDF documents in just a single click.


JotForm offers four pricing plans: Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Here’s what you get with each package.


Price: Free

This package is free, which makes it the best option if you aren’t sure whether you need this service. With this option, you’re entitled to up to 100 monthly submissions (SSL Secure) 1,000 monthly views, 100Mb storage space, and three payments. The starter package limits you to only five online forms per month.

The only downside to this package is that you get JotForm’s branding in all your PDFs.


Price: $19 per month.

The bronze package entitles you to receive up to 1,000 submissions (SSL Secure), 10,000 monthly form views, 10Gb storage space, and ten payments. This package increases the number of online forms you can create per month to ten.


Price: $39 per month

With this package you get 100 Gb of storage space, unlimited total submission storage, unlimited form views, and total control over the branding of your PDFs. Most importantly, it increases the number of forms you can create to 100 and is HIPAA compliant.

The Silver package increases the capacity for monthly submissions to 10,000 and payments to 100.


Price: $99 per month

The Gold plan is the most complete package that JotForm offers. With this deal you get everything that the Silver package offers. However, you also get to enjoy unlimited forms creation, receive unlimited payments, 1 Tb storage space and up to 100,000 form submissions.

Currently, the company is offering a 50% discount on all packages, so you can take advantage of this and buy at half the price, but act quick because this discount is only good until January 11.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons we found with the JotForm PDF Editor.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • A free (Starter) package that is pretty much enough for the average user
  • Highly customizable with options to add tables, radio buttons, drop-downs, and more
  • Multiple templates that allow you to duplicate forms which further simplifies the PDF creation process


  • The number of forms, monthly form views, and monthly form submissions are limited, even in the paid options.
  • No customer support by phone

Final Thoughts

In an age where Internet-based data collection has become mainstream, use of forms has become a necessity for every website.

While there are many methods you can use to create online forms, JotForm addresses a major pain point: it makes it possible to turn form responses into a neat and presentable format, thanks to their PDF Editor. They also offer this handy guide for editing PDFs. All in all, JotForm PDF Editor is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Have you tried JotForm PDF Editor? If so, what are your experiences? Share with us in the comments section below.

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