Ivacy VPN Review: Unlock Global Streaming, Cloud Storage, and Privacy

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Internet privacy is a hot topic and has been for a long time. It’s understandable, especially in the age of “the user as the product.” What’s more, regional constraints for various streaming platforms mean many would-be users want to get their hands on the content. Ivacy VPN looks to solve both of these issues. We take a look at it in this review, walking you through everything you need to know about the product and share our opinion on how it stacks up.

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The Best Deal for Ivacy VPN

Before we get into the article, we want to give you information on a great current deal. Ivacy VPN is currently only $1.33 per month when you take out a five-year plan! What’s more, you can take advantage of a great deal. MakeTechEasier readers can get an extra 20 percent discount using the code mte20. Just enter the code in the coupon code box shown below. When you see a success message, you’ll know the discount has been applied.

When you sign up, there’s also 2TB of cloud storage waiting for you. This means your most sensitive files will be safe yet accessible, wherever you are.

Introducing Ivacy VPN

For the unaware, Ivacy VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This lets you have a secure connection when browsing the Web. Your IP address is masked by the VPN, and Ivacy replaces this with one from its own servers.

This can give you many benefits, such as anonymous browsing, protection when using unsecure Wi-Fi networks, and a big one for many – a different location. This means you can bypass certain geo-restrictions to intake content from almost anywhere in the world.

As for Ivacy VPN itself, it provides the solid protection and security online that you’d expect from any leading VPN provider. It offers 256-bit encryption, which is all but impossible for malicious users to crack.

The Ivacy app.

What’s more, the VPN has a “no logs” policy. In other words, it helps you to protect your personal data from those companies that would do business with it.

We like some of the User Experience (UX) features of Ivacy VPN, too. For example, there’s a “kill switch” that will halt your connection whenever it senses your private connection is lost. You can also watch both local and global content thanks to “split tunneling.”

Ivacy VPN is also Internet of Secure Things (IoXT) certified. This gives Ivacy a seal of approval from an important body that looks to implement compliance on an industry-wide scale. For you, this means you can be secure in the knowledge that Ivacy is a private, secure, environment to enjoy all manner of live streaming events.

In fact, there’s so much in the box that we’d need several articles to explain it all. Instead, let’s give you a quick walkthrough.

Using Ivacy VPN

Once you purchase a plan and log in, you come to a jam-packed dashboard that contains almost everything you need to get started. But your first step should be to download the appropriate app for your device.

The options are plentiful.

The Ivacy VPN app list.

We like this list, as it’s easy to select the right machine using the filter tabs at the top. Once you download and install the right app, then open it, you’ll come to a Smart Connect screen. This is great for getting up and running fast.

The Ivacy app dashboard.

From the drop-down, you can select a country, but leaving it at Automatic is also fine.

The huge On button is tempting, and whenever you’re ready, you can press it (though you may have to log into your account through the Settings page).

At this point, you’ll see a success message and some initial statistics about your VPN connection.’

If all you need is a VPN to keep your anonymous, you’re set and can go about your day. Though, Ivacy VPN does more.

If you disconnect (again from the Smart Connect screen), you can access the Streaming and Unblocking pages. The former lets you choose from a wealth of streaming platforms to watch: Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and dozens more:

The Streaming screen.

Once you choose one, Ivacy VPN does its thing and ask you to confirm your connection.

Connecting to Hulu with Ivacy VPN.

The Unblocking page lets you choose from almost any country in the world and unblock any geo-restrictions in that region.

The Unblocking screen.

This means you could sit with a Disney Plus subscription in the US (for example) and unblock the region-specific content in the UK, Australia, Japan, or anywhere else you wish.

Accessing Netflix using Ivacy.

A great feature of Ivacy VPN on the whole is that every piece of functionality takes about two clicks to activate. What’s more, the app is snappy and slick. We like it a lot!

Is Ivacy Worth Your Money?

On the whole, Ivacy VPN isn’t a name you’d think of straight away, although this may change. The dashboard is slick, the feature set is stellar, and on the whole, the experience is good enough to rival any of the leading contenders.

We’ve talked a lot throughout this Ivacy VPN review, but that’s because there’s a lot on offer. We’d suggest that while the functionality is on par with other providers, the UX features such as the kill switch, Smart Purpose selection, and more push it ahead of many others.

Ivacy VPN is certainly worth your attention and probably your cash as well.

In Summary

If you’re concerned about your privacy online, you’re in good hands. There are many companies with suitable VPNs to help you keep your anonymity. This can help you keep secure while using public Wi-Fi, access locked content from around the globe, and much more. Ivacy VPN should become one of the top names, thanks to its abundant features and overall user experience.

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