IT Security and Ethical Hacking Certification Training

Are you looking to get into Information Technology? What about the fastest-growing segment of IT? With IT Security and Ethical Hacking Certification Training
you can break into this new area of the business by training for three different certifications. You’ll start out training for the CompTIA Security+ exam, the move on to prepping for Cisco’s CCNA Security exam, and finally the advanced Certified Ethical exam. This new skill set of yours will teach you how to protect systems against attacks as well as preventing spyware, setting you up for a successful career in IT security.

  • More than 50 hours of advanced training and more than 48 hours of courses
  • Pass all certification exams within four to six weeks by studying just one to three hours per week
  • Discover how to prevent Windows systems from being attacked
  • Study how passwords are created, how they’re restored, and different methods of cracking them
  • Learn methods of guessing passwords and breaking different security methods in Windows
  • Discover activities performed in spyware and different types of countermeasures needed against it
  • Learn the different keylogger types: hardware, software, and kernel/driver keyloggers
  • Complete the preparation for three different security certification exams

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IT Security and Ethical Hacking Certification Training

Bonus: Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank


No one likes having to carry their phone charger around with them so that they can plug in no matter where they are when their phone battery starts to die. A great way out of that situation is to get the Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank. This high-capacity power bank will always be ready to help you out of a jam and charge up your phone or other mobile device. It can charge your phone seven to nine times without needing a reboot and will keep up to 95% of its charge even after six months without use. It will come in handy especially if you’re constantly recharging your phone but also if you’re only presented with the problem periodically.

  • 18W power from the Quick Charge 3.0 port outputs when connected to a QC3.0 device
  • ZEN+ technology will automatically detect your device and choose an output that best suits it
  • Charge this external battery while it’s charging other devices with the charge-through function
  • When charging is complete, it will automatically shift to standby to conserve power

Get this battery bank for just $64.95.

Zendure A8 26,800mAh QC3.0 Portable Battery Bank

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