Is It Worth Subscribing to YouTube Premium? Here’s Our Review

Featured Youtube Homepage Premium Subscription

YouTube Premium offers advertising-free streaming of all YouTube videos. Whether you are an extreme or light YouTube user, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. After the trial period ends, the full service will cost $11.99/month. University students can enjoy a discounted membership at $6.99/month. Check out this review of what you can expect with a fully paid individual subscription and whether it is worth subscribing.

Youtube Premium Membership

1. It’s Totally Ad-Free!

Yes, you heard that right. YouTube delivers what it promises with a genuine ad-free experience. This means absolutely no skippable advertisements during the video stream, on the side panels or the video overlays. Additionally, there are no compulsory video ads, bumper ads or sponsored content anywhere on the screen.

For those of you who’ve had a YouTube account from its very beginning (before the company was acquired by Google), it is the same clean experience you once used to enjoy. If you presently spend a lot of time on YouTube, you will notice the difference.

Youtube Ad Free Videos

While watching news and Live TV programs on YouTube, you will enjoy a newfound freedom from advertisements. The same ad-free experience can be enjoyed with smartphones and tablets.

Youtube Premium Ad Free Nbc Program Live

2. Includes Free Access to YouTube Originals

YouTube has made forays into original content with its “YouTube Originals” series. The first episode is usually free, but the rest you can only watch with a Premium subscription. I recently binge-watched the first two seasons of “Cobra Kai,” which is a decent sequel to the old Karate Kid franchise.

Youtube Originals Videos

Although the number of original TV programs are few and far between, they are growing in popularity. If you look hard enough, you will find something that might appeal to you.

Youtube Premium Originals

3. Download Videos Offline

One of the best features of YouTube Premium is that it lets you download videos directly on your mobile device for offline viewing. This means you no longer need the third-party extensions that provide this service.

Youtube Download Videos

You can choose the desired resolution for downloads and enjoy the video later. Apart from downloads, you can also play back the videos in the background while sifting through other apps.

Youtube Mobile Download Videos Offline Resolution Choice

4. YouTube Gaming

Gamers can enjoy live streams of their favorite games at the dedicated YouTube channel for gaming. Whether it’s Minecraft, League of Legends or Grand Theft Auto V (see below), there is something there for you.

Gaming Youtube Premium

You can add and share comments with a global community of gamers. Since these are mostly Live streams, going ad-free will boost your overall experience.

Gamingcast Chat Youtube Premium

5. YouTube Music

With a YouTube Premium account you also get full access to YouTube Music, which streams songs and music videos on your phone or tablet. It works just like Apple Music or Spotify, and YouTube does have a complete collection of music from various channels.

Youtube Music App

You have further choice to download the audio alone which can operate as playback in the background. You can add the songs to your desired playlists and subscribe to your favorite channel.

Youtube Music Audio Play

Of course, you can always download your favorite music for offline use.

Youtube Music Download Option

Our Final Verdict

With its new premium service, YouTube is actively competing with Neflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, Spotify and many other online platforms, so how does it fare against them?

For individual users, if you spend a lot of time on Hulu (ad-free) or Netflix (HD plan), it probably does not make sense to change over. This is because even with a premium YouTube plan, you have to purchase each movie title separately, which is a huge disappointment as far as I am concerned.

Moreover, YouTube’s cable-free Live TV currently comes at a whopping $49.99/month, costlier than any other Live TV streaming service.

In conclusion, YouTube Premium offers the best value for a family plan as up to six people can enjoy it for an additional $17.99/month. For individuals or couples, unless you’re already spending a lot of time on YouTube (>2 hours a day), it’s better to suffer an occasional advertisement.

Have you subscribed to YouTube Premium? Please share your experience in the comments section.

Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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