Is the Wireless Charging Technology a Part of Your Life?

Wireless charging is something many people strive for but not everyone takes part in. There aren’t many negatives other than having to have more technology equipment to achieve it. There are mostly just positives, leading to the question of why everyone doesn’t use it. Is the wireless charging technology a part of your life?

Face it. It’s a hassle to always have to worry if your devices are charged up, and even more of a hassle is worrying about having to always have a power cord accessible. Many devices, with heavy use, don’t last a full day, and if you’re out and about, that means bringing your wired charger along with you and having to find a place where you can plug it in while still keeping it close enough to you to be used. Wireless chargers can relieve that, allowing you more charging choices. You can either charge it up by placing it on a base station or in some cases use a portable wireless charger that can travel with you. Some Starbucks branches provides wireless charging station for you to charge your phone, and you don’t have to worry about being tethered to that power cord. It saves you some inconvenience, but not all of it.

Do you use wireless charging? Do you have some type of base station that charges your devices? Do you have a portable charger that travels with you? Is the wireless charging technology a part of your life?

Image Credit: Japanexperterna via Wikimedia Commons

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