What Is Twitter Blue and Is It Right for You?

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For years, Twitter users have jokingly asked for a Twitter subscription to add some of their most requested features. Things like editable tweets, removing ads, verification, etc., have all been at the top of the most requested list for years. While Twitter doesn’t provide users with everything they wanted with Twitter Blue, it does show that the company is listening to feedback. Available in just two countries as of the beginning of June 2021, this marks the first foray of one of the big social media companies into a subscription-like service. Will it be successful? Only time will tell, but it’s something the entire social industry at large is keeping a close, close eye on.

What Is Twitter Blue?

What Is Twitter Blue Introduction

Twitter labels Twitter Blue as its “first iteration” or an initial phase of a more cohesive experience for its users. For now, it appears as though Twitter wants to roll out Blue features slowly as they continue to gather feedback to help determine what steps to take in the future. That slow and steady approach may be frustrating for hardcore Twitter users who have been clamoring for new features, but it’s the right approach. While the “edit” button is still something only available in our hopes and dreams, there are some really exciting new features.

  • Bookmark Folders: if you are looking for an easier way to organize all of your saved content, Bookmark Folders are here to help. With folders, you can now organize all of your Tweets in a way that helps you efficiently search through and find exactly what you need, when you need it.
What Is Twitter Blue Bookmarks
  • Undo Tweet: The edit button it is not, but Undo Tweet does help you quickly correct a typo. Did you forget to tag someone or tag the wrong person? Undo tweet offers a customizable timer for up to 30 seconds so you can “Undo” any Tweet, reply or thread that is on your timeline. The best part is that you can preview what your Tweet will look like before you send it into the Twitterverse.
What Is Twitter Blue Undo Tweet
  • Reader Mode: most Internet users have likely tried or accidentally entered Reader Mode at least once in their browser. In the case of Twitter Blue, Reader Mode will get rid of the “noise” to help you keep up with long threads by converting them into a format that is easy to read, so enjoying content is far more seamless than ever before.
What Is Twitter Blue Reader Mode

On top of the above features, Twitter has also stated that Twitter Blue subscribers will receive “dedicated subscription customer support.” While it’s not clear exactly what that means as of yet, the likelihood is that these users will receive priority access with tickets, troubleshooting, harassment complaints, etc. Last but not least is support for color themes and custom icons. That’s true for customers on the Web as well as the app icon on any iPhone, iPad or Android device.

How Much Does It Cost?

What Is Twitter Blue Price

As of June 2021, Twitter Blue is available in Canada for $3.49 CAD and $4.49 AUD in Australia per month. When it comes to the U.S., Twitter has already indicated that it will launch for $2.99 a month. Twitter Blue is likely to come to dozens of countries in the very near future, so keep an eye out in your region for up-to-date pricing.

How to Sign Up

What Is Twitter Blue Menu 1

Signing up for Twitter Blue is easy if it’s available in your area. To do this, on both iOS and Android, click on the hamburger menu icon. Tap on Twitter Blue (if available), then follow the signup instructions. Twitter.com will also use the three-dot (instead of three-line) menu. Tap on that and locate the option for Twitter Blue. If you don’t see it now outside of Canada or Australia, it will likely be a staggered rollout for the rest of the world.

Is Twitter Blue Right for You?

Now, for the million dollar question: Is Twitter Blue is right for you? If it included an “edit” button, the answer would likely be a resounding yes. Given the current feature set of Bookmarks, Reader Mode and Undo Tweet, it’s a more difficult question. On the one hand, it’s something you can do to support your favorite social network. That said, the feature set right now is pretty thin, and none of the three main features or color themes are really worth the extra value.

That’s especially true when you realize you can customize the icon through iOS 14 anyway. Meanwhile, you can find out more about Twitter Spaces and how to use it.

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