Does a Touchscreen Laptop Make You More Productive? [Poll]

One of the newer technology inventions being used is the laptop with a touchscreen. It means you no longer have to use a mouse, and the keyboard becomes less useful as well. But does this make you more productive?

Touchscreens seem to be taking over technology. They are a given on smartphones and tablets, making them much more portable to not have to also tote around the accessories of a mouse and keyboard, although some users do use a keyboard with a mobile device. But now touchscreens are appearing more and more on laptops. It of course makes them more portable as well, but do they also make you more productive? More and more the software is coming up with gestures instead of keyboard combinations. Things are being done with swipes and pinches instead of Option, Control, and Command keys. It certainly seems like it is becoming the way of the future.

But does it make us more productive? Do you get more done by using a touchscreen? Are you faster on your laptop when it has a touchscreen? Or do you find the touchscreen to be a hindrance because it slows you down? Does a touchscreen laptop make you more productive?

Image Credit: Intel Free Press