Is There Such Thing As The ‘Indestructable’ SD Card

I know, ‘Indestructible’ is a big word and it is more suitable for those X-MEN characters in the movie than it is used for a SD card. However, this SD card presented to me was labelled as “indestructible”, at least that is what the developer told me.

In actual fact, the SD card that I am reviewing today (Samsung microSD card) is far from indestructible. It can be easily destroyed if you place it in the fire or grind it in the grinder. But what makes it different is its high durability that can withstand water, shock and magnet. Once again, that was what I were told. Let’s find out if it is true.

First of all, this Samsung brand SD card is available at and if you visit their site, you can see the big word ‘Indestructible Memory‘. I got myself an 8GB micro SD card (Class 4) and run it through several tests to see if it is really as good as it sounds.

This is the photo of the SD card still in the packaging. Notice at the bottom of the package where they specify that it is water, shock and magnet proof? We shall see…


A close up of the SD card:


The front of the SD card:


The back of the SD card:


The Tests

Before we carry out the rigorous test, the first thing is to transfer files in and out of the SD card and insert it into several devices to make sure that it is working and all the files can be read from the card. Simple stuff.

Here comes the first test. With data in the SD card, I place the SD card in a glass of water for half a day.



Next, I took out the SD card, dry it and test it on several devices. It mounted itself as per normal and all the data were intact, readable and writable.

Water proof test: Passed.

For the second test, I place the SD card beside a magnet. Since this is a small magnet (that is the only one I can find in my house), I placed it for one full day before I test it again on several devices again. The SD card functions as per normal.


Magnet proof test: Passed

The last test that I did was to tape the SD card to a tennis ball and throw it around.


Is the card dented? No. Is the card still readable/writable? Also No. In this test, the SD card failed to survive. While the physical shape remains the same, the card is no longer accessible by any device.

Shock proof test: Failed


How many times do you test the claims made by manufacturers (or marketers) when you purchase a product? In this case, the SD card was stated as water, magnet and shock proof, but the fact that it doesn’t survive the shock test prove that you can’t believe everything that is stated.

Other than that, if you don’t see yourself throwing the SD card around, it can still be a good product. It may not be the cheapest (or best) option, but at least you know it can survive if it get into the water.

Check out the SD card at MemoryZoom.

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  1. LOL I remember when I was a kid and my Mum bought some unbreakable glasses

  2. I’m amazed at the ‘magnet test’. How do they do it???
    (It was also ONE of the tests that the card ‘passed’.)

    1. Technically, I think they have placed a shield inside the SD card to prevent the parts from being magnetized, but that is only my thinking.

      1. You should check out ‘quarter shrinking’. It’s just a capacitor and coil, and a switch. And a ‘quarter’.
         But you should try an SD card. I might blow apart. Maybe not.

  3. The only “indestructible” tests that matter are read-write cycle tests and being removed without unmounting first. I have no intention of using my SD card as tennis balls, but I do lots of read/writes and sometimes forget to unmount it first before ejecting it from the PC slot.

    1. That is caused by human error and is one of the thing that is most difficult to prevent. Perhaps they should come out with some read/write proof technology.

  4. Interesting read here.,news-8134.html Thanks @altmilan:twitter 

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