Do You Think the PC Is Dead?

Do you think the PC is dead? Or at least do you think it is dying, choking, and on its last breath? Mobile systems seems to be more preferred at times, but does that mean that the world of computing is evolving and that soon the PC will be passé?

There are a multitude of reasons why the PC seems as if it could be dying. But overall it comes down to convenience. We all have our smartphones in our pockets or in our purses or plugged in next to us at all times. If you want to check something out on a web browser or check your social media, it’s so much more accessible than going over to your PC to do the same. It’s just as easy to use a tablet, and they’re easier to carry around than even a laptop.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook recently asked why anyone would buy a PC anymore. But he apparently doesn’t believe that one-hundred percent, as his company is still making desktop and laptop computers. Yet they’re also putting a lot of stock in their new iPad Pro.

But does this mean we should sound the death knell? Is the time coming soon where the PC will be no more? Will we eventually move into an all-mobile device world?

Do you think the PC is dead?

Do you think the PC is dead?

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Image Credit: Jakobalewis via Wikimedia Commons