Is the Super High Resolution of Google’s Pixel C Necessary?

Google has just announced their new tablet, the Pixel C. Its biggest asset is a super high resolution screen. Is this necessary for Google’s new tablet?

The high-resolution tablet field is getting crowded. While Apple announced their iPad Pro last month, Google is now announcing the Pixel C. Although when it comes down to it in a comparison, the Pixel C beats out the iPad Pro. While the latter has a resolution of a 2732 x 2048, the Pixel C is only 2560 x 1800. However, the Pixel C has a smaller screen with 10.2 inches, meaning it boasts 308 ppi, while the iPad Pro only has 264 ppi.

But here’s the question. Is any of it necessary? Browsing existing tablets, it’s not like the current pixelation is a problem. Is the improvement of resolution and addition of pixels just a matter of a bragging point to be used to beat out the other tablets? Or are there users who are clamoring for higher resolution tablets? What do you use a tablet for that you need that high of a resolution on the screen?

We want to hear from you. We want your input into this conversation. Were you excited to hear about the Google tablet with the super high resolution? Or were you left unaffected knowing that it’s an attribute that basically means nothing to you?

Is the super high resolution of Google’s new tablet necessary?

Is the super high resolution of Google's new tablet necessary?

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Image Credit: Google