Is Quora The Next Reddit?

New social media sites are always popping up. Many ride on the coat tails of popular sites by pretty much copying them. So how do you know what social media sites are the newest coolest thing? Honestly, there isn’t a way to tell. There are indicators like subscriber growth and if investors are giving them money.

Quora is an up-and-coming social question site. It seems like a mashup of Twitter and Yahoo questions. Depending on the channel you subscribe to, Quora can be an advice search engine.

How Quora works

Think about how you search for something on Google. Do you normally ask a question or part of a question? Most people do. This makes Quora a great tool for finding information. It is also a great platform for businesses to get some traffic to their sites by answering questions.


There are feeds to follow like Twitter. They are grouped together like channels on other social sites. Quora calls the channels on their site “Topics”. An example Topic would be Social Media or Small Business. When you follow this Topic, you will see all of the questions asked and the updates with answers.


If there is a question getting a lot of great answers, you can choose to follow a single question.



You can rate the answer like Reddit by clicking the arrow button either up or down depending on how relevant the reply is. This works well for sites that use it because it generally moves the most relevant answers to the top of the list. Having the most relevant or popular answers at the top means you will spend less time searching for the information you want.



If you link your Facebook account, your Twitter account or your blog, you can share questions and answers you find.


The bio page is like many others out there. You have a limited amount of space to talk about yourself. There is not a place for your URL, but you can link your Quora account to Twitter, Facebook and your Tumblr or WordPress blog.

Auto Complete

When you start searching for a question, Quora will start to search all the previously asked questions by the keywords you are using. As you type, you will start to see a list of possible questions you may be asking. If you see something close to what you want, you can click on it.



FAQ for each Topic helps eliminate repeat questions. Most people simply ask the question they would like an answer to, they do not search first. Those of you who frequent any kind of forums will know this feature will help a ton. You will see a topic name then FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions after it when you start to type in your Topic or Question search.

Anyone can assemble a FAQ on Quora. That means if there isn’t a FAQ for a Topic and you know enough about the Topic to know what beginners should know, you can make one.



The overall feel of Quora is most like Reddit, but prettied up. I think this could be a great platform to show off your knowledge in a helpful way. Quora is much more public than an industry specific forum, so as the popularity grows, I think you will see more of the answers in Google search results. This should help get you known in your industry or niche.

What are your thoughts on Quora or other up and coming social media sites?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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